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You should definetly read this it made my skin flawless :)

The best moisturizer? Olive oil. I know, many of you are thinking exactly what I was thinking when I first heard this. Why would I put on my face the same oil that I would cook in? I thought it would make my skin greasy and clog my pores. Not true! It actually absorbs into the skin very well and does not clog pores. Ive heard coconut oil also works very well.
Reduce the amount of products youre using. When I thought about all of the products I was using on my face, hair, and body, it was pretty overwhelming. I learned that everything you use on a part of your body impacts other parts of your body. Meaning, that harsh foot cream youre using may be making your face breakout.
You are what you eat and your skin shows it. Steer clear of fried, sugary and processed foods. Reducing dairy and meat products could do your skin some good as well. Try to incorporate foods rich in vitamin A, antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids into your diet.
Be careful with your clean clothes. If you have sensitive skin, use fragrance free laundry detergents. Also, dont wear any dry cleaned garments directly on your skin (wear a non-dry cleaned garment underneath).
Drink water. We know it and weve heard it all of our lives. Keep your skin moisturized from the inside out by drinking plenty of water.
Need to exfoliate? Mix some sugar into coconut oil or olive oil and massage on your face. Wash off with a gentle cleanser.
Have a break out? Dab some tea tree oil on the blemishes.
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