Health: Benefits of Lavender Oil!

5 years ago

Hi everyone!

I wanted to tell you how Lavender can help with a lot of health issues and my own experience using it on myself and my dog :)

My dog got a skin allergic reaction with the frontline spray and I was mad at the VET. The poor dog was crying and her skin looked horrible. So I searched online and found that Lavender oil can help soothe her skin and heal it. It can also keep fleas off of her! You had to mix the lavender oil with water and spray it on your dog.

I had to try it! So I went to the chemist looking for it and they gave me white and red lavender. I did not know which one was the right one at the time. They thought I was crazy when I said I was going to use it on my dog (Trust me I had to explain it to them).

Well 1 week now and my dog is no longer in discomfort,her skin is healing and the hair is growing back! I am so happy I used the red lavender on her!

After I saw how relaxed she became I decided to use the white lavender on myself. I just smell the lavender and feel relaxed and sleepy too lol!

I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and there has been nothing so far that helped. It keeps me back from doing a lot of normal things people do. So far I have seen a marked improvement. My pulse rate slows down, I breather easier,I feel relaxed, almost in a dreamy state and I don`t feel nervous. No panic attacks so far, so I am happy.

I suggest people who suffer from nervous system related illnesses to try lavender oil. In its pure state it is most potent and more beneficial. It really works to calm your nerves! It also helps with insomnia.

Today I passed my exam and I know this was the reason I was so relaxed. Usually I`m so scared I get a panic attack!

So if you are ever in a situation where your stress level/anxiety is high, try using lavender oil.

DISCLAIMER: Photos belong to me,words are my own.

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