Health and fit - my start

Hello girls!
Today I will tell you about my new routine for a healthier life.
This first post of this topic is to talk about physical exercise.
Since young I always loved swimming and practiced a lot, but then with the university and the beginning of my work life I never I have up swimming. Both swimming and regular sports.
When I went to the university, I tried several sports, but was never able to stick with one for long. Now after many years I decided to try again some sports.
As I said it is a new year`s resolution.
I still haven`t signed up for a gym, but on the other hand I started practicing by myself at home or on the street.

Here are some tips:
- You can go to several free marathons in your city
- You can take classes at home following some youtube channels
- You can run in your city in the morning or in the evening

PS: I`ve done the first and the second tip, but I also intend to start with the third tip.

What I have done:
I`m in the third week of exercise. I`ll leave the summary of the last two weeks.
week 1
- Sunday - Class 1 level
-Tuesday - Class 1 level
-Wednesday - Class 1 level

week 2
-Sunday - Race Saber Viver
(4km running without stopping +1 km walking)

I hope you enjoy this kind of post.
Also, have you done any of these things? Do you like this youtube channel?
I love it and I`m very motivated. When I feel that the level 1 no longer makes me tired and acke I`ll pass for level 2.
Moreover, these posts are also to tell you my progress and if you don`t see more news about that, please fell free to ask me :)

See you in the next post of Health and fit!

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