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3 years ago

Don`t you just hate it when you have a lovely day and at the end you have the worst Migraine in the world. I have suffered from Migraine since I was in my teen and still suffer from them today, its horrible I hate them.
I have tried everything from changing my diet, changing my perfumes and even my body lotions/washes and nothing worked for my it was getting to the point where I was getting them everyday. I went to the doctors to see what they could do to help me. They said the same thing change diet etc etc.
One winter I didn`t get one Migraine and I thought yes maybe they have just gone with age I was do happy, but then cam the summer and they started again I was gutted I spent everyday after work in my bedroom, the room had to be dark and I mean dark no light I just wanted to sleep and that`s it.
One day I said enough is enough I went to see a specialist on Migraines. They got me to fill in some paperwork and after 1 hour of asking question after question, the doctor said that I was getting these Migraine because of the sun.
You are probably thinking the same as I was that time to THE SUN????
Yes the sun he said that my eyes are sensitivity to the sun and that is why I keep getting Migraines in the summer, when I really thought about it, it all made sense I was fine in the cold days but soon as the sun came out I was in bed with the worst pain in my life. The doctor said that there is not much that they can do and told me to wear sunglasses to protect my eye and a hat.
So every summer that is what I do but I still get a Migraine I`m not saying everyday day but at least once a week and when I got them they would last for a good 3 days until found these lovely things.
Migraine Kool `n` Soothe, these are my best friend in the summer. These are a sheet with cooling gel to give relief straight away. Soon as I get a Migraine and I am out I take pain killer but the minute I walk through the door I put one on and go to bed and the next morning it`s gone no lie I have never found anything that as helped me as much as these. They last for about 7 hours and soon as you put it on you will feel in working within seconds.
I hope this post helped any one who suffers from really bad headaches or Migraines.

Love Pavan xxx

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