Hawthorne Fruit Pieces

4 years ago

Hawthorne berry is a native berry to China that is relatively unknown to the Western world.

Personally, I love teas, cakes and candy made with Hawthorne berries as it has a distinct sweetness with a slight tang. It`s like eating a grape that has the flavor of a strawberry and golden kiwi fruit combined.

Medicinally, it is known for promoting digestive health and weight loss.

Most Chinese people would know this by the red small candy crackers they eat when they were younger called "" or Haw Flakes.

Personally I like going to a Chinese candy shop and getting the Hawthorn sticks. They mash up all the berries and mould them into candy.

The other way is called Hawthorn pieces, where it`s the actual fruit fermented and candied, like what you see in my photo.

I was first introduced to it when I had stomach issues and my Chinese doctor told me to eat more Hawthorn fruit. It is very hard to find the actual fruit itself in Canada, so I usually get the pieces and sticks.

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