Hawaiian Food Haul (Part 2)

4 years ago

Hey everyone! I just wanted to show you guys another food haul that I got from my relatives in Hawaii. If you didn`t know already, a couple of my family members from Hawaii came over and bought back some food!! If you saw my first food haul, that was all from my aunts but in this haul, I am going to show you guys what my cousin got me. Yes this is all from one cousin!! She always brings the good stuff! I would have put both hauls together but I didn`t get hers until a couple days after my aunts and by then, I had already taken the pictures and eaten some of them. LOL Anyways, this is what my cousin got for my family. Everything is pretty much snacks from Hawaii. Some of stuff that I never tried before and some are snacks that I love. Sorry I didn`t take close-ups of everything. My brother was rushing me because he wanted to get his hands on all the chocolate. Little kids. Tsk tsk. First off, I am just so happy that my cousin bought me another jar of the
Island Princess MeleMacs Toffee Coated Macademia Nuts Covered in Luscious Milk Chocolate. These are freaking delicious and definitely addicting. Lets just say that if you are on a diet, you shouldn`t try these because you would not be able to stop. I remember the first time I tried these, I actually told my mom to hide the jar because I couldn`t stop snacking on them from time to time. LOL This time, I hope to contain myself and not eat so much of them because I plan on giving some away in little goodies bags to friends and family members. Second, she bought back some
Hawaiian Hurrican Popcorn. These are supposedly very popular snacks in Hawaii. She got us two bags and we already tried one. They are interesting concept because they have seaweed and japanese snacks mixed in the popcorn but either way, it still tasted like regular greasy butter popcorn. It wasn`t really a favorite in my family but it was nice to have during movie night. We will probably be giving away the second bag to someone. LOL Third, we got
Hawaiian Shortbread Cookies. These are shortbread cookies made with toffee and macadamia nuts. I love eating cookies with macadamia nuts so I can`t wait to try these. I haven`t tried these yet because my mom wants to save these for Viet new Years so shes not leting anybody try these until then. Hopefully they will be worth the wait because I still got a couple more weeks to go. Another thing that my cousin got us is the
Mauna Loa Island Classics Assortment. This is a set that comes with six different flavors of macadamia nuts. Some of the flavors are toffee covered nuts, chocolate covered nuts, honey roasted nuts, and onion & garlic nuts. I definitely can`t wait to try these but like with the shortbread cookies, my mom is saing them for Viet New Years. LOL Last but not least are the
Macadamia Roca. We got like three bags of these but I don`t know where the other two went because now I only see one bag. I guess my mom gave the other two away to people. Darn. LOL If you haven`t had these before, they are buttercrunch toffee covered in chocolate. These are definitely hard to bit into. Sometimes i feel like just getting a hammer and smashing them into chewable bits and pieces, especially for someone who has braces. I do wish that these weren`t given to me in sandwich baggies because I was doing my research online and just found out that if you eat three of these, supposedly they are the same fat equivalet as a 6`` subway sandwich without cheese or mayo. Ouchie! I wish I had known that before I had like five of these. Time to work out after.. So those are all the goodies that I got from my cousin! I love it when she visits because she always brings back goodies from Hawaii with her. Of course, I love seeing my cousin too. LOL Definitely let me know if you have ever tried any of these Hawaiian goodies before. Keep in mind that you can also find some of these goodies at your local Costco (during the holidays), which I just found out. So if you have been meaning to try some of these chocolate goodies, definitely keep an eye out whenever you are shopping at Costco during the holidays!
QUESTIONS: Have you ever tried any of these goodies before? ==================================================================

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