Hawaii Parfait

4 years ago

I went to the summer nightmarket the other day with my sister and cousin. The nightmarket has ALOT of food. I already had dinner before i got there, when i got there i somehow talked myself into getting MORE food! After some dumplings, chicken skewers and curry fish balls i was sooo full. but of course, i always have room for dessert :P

I wanted something with ice cream in it since it was suuuper hot that day. I was stuck between a crepe and a hawaiian parfait. I decided on the hawaiian parfait since it was much neater to eat than the crepe, it`s also cheaper LOL double plus! :D <em>this parfait has vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, strawberries, grapes, mangoes, and blueberries. It also came with a chocolate pocky stick :)</em> This was soooo yummy! I loved that there was alot of fruits. It was $4.50 which i think is a good price since there was alot of ice cream. Writing about that makes me crave for more! I cant wait to go back to nightmarket, im definitely going to be getting this again :)

<strong>Do you have a big "sweet-tooth"?
What`s your favourite dessert?</strong>

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