Have you tried the cupcakes? Theyre the best Ive ever had.

4 years ago

Have you tried the cupcakes? Theyre the best Ive ever had. This is what I was told at a bridal shower I attended a few weeks ago while glancing over a cookie tray my boyfriends aunt made (she makes the best cookies!). Funny enough, the person paying me the compliment had no idea I made the cupcakes! I chuckled and told her I tried one earlier. I made them. We had a great chuckle out of it and the woman who complimented me called her daughter over and was like She made the cupcakes!

My boyfriends cousin is getting married and months back I volunteered to make a dessert for the bridal shower. I went back and fourth with what I was going to make and finally after much thought I decided to go with cupcakes. Now what flavor of cupcakes? Originally I was going to make a white chocolate raspberry cupcake but with much consideration I realized not everyone loves white chocolate as I do so I decided to switch it up. I then went with a raspberry filled, chocolate cream cheese cupcake.

I cheated and made cupcakes using a box of Butter recipe Duncan Hines. I followed the directions, using the oil and water, not substituting out as I usually do. I didnt want to make the cupcakes and them not be up to par as I envisioned so I went the safer route with what I knew would work. I baked off my cupcakes and they came out perfectly.

I then took my piping bag, added on my filling head and when my cupcakes were cool, I piped in some raspberry preserve. The tops of the filled cupcakes looked almost like a peanut butter and jelly concoction. I put them into a container and let them sit overnight to frost the next afternoon.

The night I made my cupcakes I made a double batch of cream cheese frosting which turned out to be wayyyyyyyy too much. I had an entire bowl remaining after I frosted, so now I know only 1 batch of frosting unless I am making 72 cupcakes. Anyway! I doubled the following recipe:

- 8 ounce brick of 1/3 fat cream cheese room temp
- ¼ cup softened butter room temp
- 4 cups powder sugar
- ½ cup cocoa powder

I mixed the butter and cream cheese together in the bowl, then sifted in the remaining powder ingredients and mixed with my handheld mixer. The cream cheese after combining looks a lot like canned frosting. I would have liked it a little stiffer for piping onto the cupcakes, but it actually looked like I intentionally let some of the frosting run down the side of the cupcake.

I planned on making cupcakes mid-week after the bridal shower but never got around to it. Unfortunately that was a waste of my remaining frosting.

Do you like making cupcakes?

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