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I have been a long-time sufferer of acne. My acne has progressed from severe-moderate cystic acne in my early teenage years to somewhat milder acne now. I know the cause of my acne is genetic, everyone on my dad`s side of the family had to deal with it during their younger years. I know acne is widespread and commonly affects 80% of teens, but it is not something that just "goes away."

Even though the acne on my face has improved substantially, I am still suffering some breakouts on my back. This is extremely annoying because I already have a lot of scars from past experience with bacne. I steer clear from open-back tops and back-less dresses because I don`t have the confidence to let my scars show. These scars are pretty noticeable and for years I`ve tried looking for a treatment that would help get rid of them.

Several months ago, I came across this product on the Avon website. It`s from the Mark brand, which is licensed under Avon. I paid $10 for a 4 fluid oz. bottle of treatment for bacne. The spray bottle contains salicylic acid, a key ingredient in fighting acne. The nozzle has 180 degree functionality, that means you can spray while the bottle is upside down, very convenient for hard to reach areas. It`s supposed to smell like apple cinnamon but all I get is a huge explosion of alcohol every time I use it.

The directions say to spray 1-3 times daily but I only spray about once daily after showering and let it absorb for at least 10-15 minutes into my skin. I keep this bottle stored in my fridge so I get a cooling sensation every time I spray it on. Initially this treatment spray stung like hydrogen peroxide on open wounds but after 1 minute or so, it disappears.

I am really impressed with how fast this treatment is working. I`ve noticed some good results already. Some of the inflamed pimples that did develop the day before were reduced in size the day after. There are fewer new ones that pop up too. However, it hasn`t helped much in clearing my past scars, I don`t expect it to. The only treatment for my scars is probably chemical peels.

Side effect: Minor itching for an hour or two after application.

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