Havarti Natural Cheese plus Delicious Ideas

One of my new favorite grocery stores to visit is Whole Foods! They have a great selection and I love the bakery especially. A must buy during my weekly grocery visits are cheese slices for sandwiches. I usually switch it up, but my all time favorite is Havarti Cheese so I decided to buy this. This is a brand sold at Whole Foods called 365 Everyday Value. This cheese claims to be produced without added hormones, natural, made with milk from cows not treated with rBGH and also vegetarian! You get 12 slices for $5 bucks which isn`t bad, about average priced compared to other brands.

Thoughts? The cheese isn`t as creamy compared to Safeway Vons but more smooth/creamy than the one at Trader Joe`s in my opinion. Nonetheless, the cheese was really good and I would definitely repurchase.

Also I love how the packaging also gives you `delicious ideas` on what you could use this cheese for:
~ Make a Melt - Eat cheese with your tuna melt, etc
~ Pack a Snack - Eat cheese with your snack (crackers/fruits)
~ Roll a Wrap - Add cheese in your wrap
~ Toast a Sandwich Style Pizza - Add cheese on your bread
~ Build a Better Breakfast - Add cheese to your toast, sandwich, breakfast


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