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Soooooo it`s been a while, but here`s a little haul and review! So first off, the products I got were,
Stila Smudge Pot, NYX Eyeliner in Platinum, Garnier Makeup Removing Wipes, EcoTools Eyeliner Brush, 2 off brand lipsticks (from a little boutique) and L`ANZA Spray Wax.
*DISCLAIMER* I`m not sponsored in any way. Let`s get this started!

Stila Smudge Pot:
Pros: GREAT PIGMENTATION. For the past couple eyeliners, I`ve always used Stila. And I, am a monolid-er. I find that these liners work best for me. (: It lasts for about 14 hours. That`s pretty good. Pretty waterproof and long lasting.
Cons: PRICE. This is like this for all Stila products. It was about $22 including tax.
Overall: Great eyeliner! This is my first Stila gel liner. I`m very happy. <3

NYX Liner in Platinum:
Pros: I used to use the Rimmel silver liner, I though it was the shiz. But now that I compare them, this has a HUGE difference in pigmentation. It lasts SSSSOOO long. (I put this in my inner corners.) Defffff buying more.
Cons: Seems like there is some sparkles that come off. Like fallout but not really haha.
Overall: GREAT PRODUCT. I`m gonna buy more NYX products from now on.

EcoTools Eyeliner Brush:
Pros: Great liner brush. Soft bristles and picks up the product with little work.
Cons: I feel like these bristles are actually a little soft for my taste. And this doesn`t really affect me but people have said the brush is too thick...? I`m a monolid-er so it doesn`t really bother me.
Overall: Love this brush and all EcoTools brushes! They`re cheap and really soft. <3

Garnier Makeup Wipes:
Pros: The scent reminds me of something but I can`t put my finger on it... But I love these wipes and what else can I say... They work? Haha. Although I have to use more elbow grease on my liner, I have to say that these are great!
Cons: They don`t have any texture on them sure you have work a tiny bit harder than normal. No biggy.
Overall: They`re great and they smell good. (:

L`ANZA Spray Wax:
Cons: Okay so first, I LOOOOVVVEE THIS! I used to have the BedHead hairspray and lemme just tell you, this leaves your hair like perfect! It doesn`t leave a crunchy feel and I love the smell. It holds for about 4-6 hours but I was in the rain soo..... It would probably hold longer. It`s probably better for your hair too.
Cons: I sorta have to shampoo my hair twice to get it fully out because it is wax. But I think once is fine. I`m just a OCD freak. (:
Overall: Spray Wax over the Hairspray

The 2 lipsticks:
Pros: The scent reminds me of like fruity candy. The colors are sheer but I love them. One is like a pearly hot pink, the other one is a lilac purple. They leave colors that really accent a look.
Cons: I don`t think you can really find them anywhere.... Which is a bad thing I know. They`re sorta like the Revlon Lip Butters but not as shiny.
Overall: These are great for young girls that wanna change up their lip colors, but just a slight change.

So yeah! That`s my haul for now. (: I will try to post more hauls and reviews so follow me and stay tuned!

~~Love, Justine


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