Hey guys, sorry that I haven`t posted in a while but I lost the cord to connect my camera to my laptop.......bummer.....and that was the only tool that actually worked to upload pics. My phone is being really dumb. So anyways, I found it behind a chair in my room....weird. SO on Friday, I believe, I went out with my mom. Our purpose was to get clothes for my sister, you know like cute spring stuff she could wear to church,e tc. Well what occurred was the exact opposite. We picked up one striped hoodie for her from H&M, I think 7 dollars ( not pictured)
For myself, I got a pink knit/crochet type sweater ( really warm even though it is thin) for 3 bucks can you believe it!!!. I am lucky I can fit into H&M`s really small kids sizes.This one is a 8-10 I think. Ya, they had a really cute gray one too but it was ruined :/. (BTW in each store I only spent ten, and my mom bought everything for me.) I also picked up this minnie mouse crop top. It was between ths and Hello Kitty patterned one. I hose the one that actually had a face. SO ya, added bonus: when I got hom, the black parts were velvety, and you could actually feel the glitter. *thumbs up*
Ya, next stop: Forever 21. I found this leopard print sweater on the sas rack, one I have loved for a while, but forgot about becasue i couldn`t find it anywhere<3 , well I guess It was my lucky day. Ya, that was 10.99. But did you know F21 is havinga sale: all sale BOGO Free. Ya, so that was awesome. I picked up two striped sweaters. and while trying to decide which one to get, I found the red striped one was massively ruined, so I got this one. Good choice huh? Recently I realized I LOOOVE stripes, I have so many striped things.Ya so thats that 20 dollars for all that, not including the hoodie for my sis.Awesome huh?

Sorry if this is long,post, I guess I`m anxious to finallyblog, its been what? 3 days? aya so there, look out for more on the way.

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