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3 years ago

Here is my haul from Whole Foods this past weekend! Well, actually, it`s my boyfriend`s haul. He knew I was upset at him for leaving me all day, on my day off, so he stopped by Whole Foods and got some goodies to make up for it :) He sure knows how to appease me! haha.

A few weeks ago, while we were at Whole Foods, they had just baked some vanilla pound cakes (front) fresh! So they had one all cut up for sampling. Oh my... Those samples at Whole Foods are so dangerous! It was super delicious, so we picked up a cake then and now have been picking them up since. They are pretty dense (they are a POUND cake), but they don`t FEEL dense. If that makes sense... When you eat it, it doesn`t weigh down your stomach or anything. It`s also not too sweet. It`s just sweet enough, and very vanilla-y. I`m not really sure what to compare it to... It`s less sweet than a cupcake, but more sweet than a muffin... It`s just delicious. Period. You`ve gotta try it for yourself! This is $3.99 at my store.

The other loaf is a Cranberry Orange Tea Bread. We never had this before, but he looked good so he picked it up. Also because we like almost anything in the combination of cranberry and orange. This tea bread did not disappoint. It was super duper moist. It just disinigrates after you cut a slice, that`s how moist it is! It`s lightly scented with orange and has dried cranberries throughout. Definitely delicious, and would buy again. It did taste sweeter than the Vanilla Pound Cake, though. But I`m assuming that it is because of all the fruit. This is also $3.99 at my store.

Rice pudding... Enough said. hahaha. I love rice pudding... And tapioca pudding... And bread pudding... All custard-y puddings! I forget how much this was at my store...

The Kefir smoothies were another thing we never had before. He bought a peach flavor, and a strawberry banana flavor. THe bottle says they are probiotic (which I don`t really care about, but if you do!) and 99% lactose free. We`ve only tried the strawberry banana so far (and finished it yesterday - we bought them on Thursday), and it was pretty delicious! It`s not sweet at all, and is really thick and creamy :) Just like a smoothie should be! On the side of the bottle, the suggesting serving is to either drink it as is, pour it over cereal in place of milk, or blend it up with some ice for a more smoothie-licious feel (I made that word up - it doesn`t actually say that on the bottle but I thought it fit :p)! I don`t know how much these are because I haven`t bought them before (it was a surprise so he won`t give me the receipt!).

Do you shop at Whole Foods? If so, have you ever tried these goodies, or what are your favorites? :)

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