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5 years ago

So, I just told a story about why I went to the mall recently in my /viz/haul-hm-bag-and-accessories. But just a recap, or if you don`t want to read that post (which is fine! ^^), I got invited to/am attending a fraternity banquet tomorrow so one of my besties (whose boyfriend happens to be in said fraternity) hit up the mall for some school de-stress as well as banquet preperation! But... Of course... With my friend there, and so many stores, and so many sales... I did end up splurging a little on stuff that I didn`t reallyyyy need. haha. Well, we stopped by VS because my friend had a few coupons and some VS rewards cards. However, she had 2 coupons for free things, but only reallyyy needed to buy one thing so she asked if I had anything to buy so I could use the other coupon (which was a free lip gloss with any purchase, btw). I didn`t really NEED anything, but my VS body mist at home was running low. I usually buy the mini of the
Bombshell scent because it`s only $10 and lasts a while, but they didn`t have the mini this time! I even asked some workers and they workers were like We should have it! *checks* Um.... I guess not.... Even they were surprised! They only had the super mini size which is like $5 for .5 oz... SOOOO not worth the price :( So I was bummed, and considered getting the full size scent by itself which is $25, but decided not to. I only buy the mini Bombshell as a back up scent. I usually use D&G Light Blue, but that stuff is expensive so I don`t use it every day. Moreover, sometimes you just feel like you don`t smell that good, but you don`t want something as heavy as a full purfume or you just want to switch up your scent for the day, ever get that feeling? Well, when I get that feeling, that`s where my mini Bombshell comes in!! :D It`s a completely different scent/feel from Light Blue, not to mention the scent is a lot lighter. But anyway, I digress! Back to the story, they were out of mini Bomshells, and I was on the fence about the $25 full sized Bombshell. I even went to smell the other scents (which they did have of mini`s) but none of them gave me the same affinity to Bombshell (I dunno why I like the Bombshell smell, but when I first smelled it just thought this could be something I wear. The other scents didn`t really have that same feeling). As we were walking away, my friend spotted this (*points to the picture above*) sitting on a table... At first, I looked at it and asked if it was a mini, but she said it looked pretty big. Then I thought It`s probably really expensive..... Should I look at the price tag? ><;; but ended up going over and flipping the price tag around anyway...................
$35!!!! (it says the value is $70) I was in shock. $35?!?!? I said, For a full sized bottle AND the two other things?! Just the scent is $25! (yes, I said the two other things - I hadn`t closely inspected the set since I thought it was going to be expensive) Anyway, long story short, after debating back and forth with my friend about the pros and... Well, basically only pros besides the con of having to pay money for it, I decided to get it. I don`t use body wash and scented lotion (those are the two other things, in case you were wondering) much, but for only $10 more PLUS you get a nice bag, I might as well try it. Also, let me tell you, the bag is really nice. I posted about a free clutch I got from VS before that was very poor/cheap quality, but this bag is very nice quality. I`m not sure what material it is made out of , but the fabric is pretty thick. The outside is textured (for better grip, I assume) and feels waterproof (haven`t tested it). The inside is very spacious as well (obviously if it can fit all the lotions and body mist. The zipper is pretty heavy-duty with a long pull so you don`t have to worry about the pull snapping or breaking. I also like the font used for the VS logo on the front (yes, there is my inner designer coming out). I think this would make for a good make up bag :) Oh yeah, I said earlier that I got this because my friend had a free lip gloss coupon. Where is the lip gloss? I gave it to her. haha. It was her coupon in the first place, I was just buying my bag so it didn`t go to waste :p And, I don`t use many lip glosses so it would have more use with her than with me cause I know she uses them or gives them to her mom ^^ And, she gave me /viz/haul-nars-orgasm-blush which is worth way more than some VS lip gloss anyway :p But if your curious, she chose the red one with sparkles (I forget the exact color name). Do any of you use this scent from VS? If not, do you use multiple scents or do you just have one go-to scent?

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