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There couldn`t have been a better timing for me to get my first (4 pairs!) of TOMS than this past weekend`s warehouse/sample sale in Valencia. I don`t know if there are any email alerts sent out for this type of event, but I sure am glad one of my best friends got the inside scoop =)

It was a 3-day event in Valencia, CA. I went on the second day. Doors opened at 6 am. My friends and I got there around 5:25 am. As expected, people were already camped out. We got in around 6:20am, which wasn`t so bad. I`ve read on other sites that some have waited up to 8 hours! That is just ridiculous.

Anywho, the lesson here is get there EARLY. Be patient and don`t whine about the long wait and long lines. No one is forcing you to be there, so just smile and keep yourself occupied. Bring anything to keep yourself amused and best of all it`s a great time to bond with friends!

Prices start at $10 for Tiny, $15 for Youth, $20 for classics (women`s & I believe for men`s also), $30-35 for cordones & wedges, & $40 for the ballet flats. I mainly focused on the women`s classics. The selection was limited for sizes 7-7.5, and of course, that`s exactly the sizes that my friends and I wear =/. If you have smaller or bigger feet than 7-7.5, then you are in luck!

Make sure to check the shoes if they are the same size and are left & right! Yes I did pick up a pair of Tiny Toms that were both for the right foot. Haha =) Good thing I checked and got the correct pair. The pairs are only kept together with rubber bands and some might be missing soles from all the grabbing and dropping. For that issue, there is a booth where you can find and get the sole that you need.

There weren`t a lot of solid colors in my size. I really wanted the red canvas ones but it was mostly in size 6.5 I bought a pair even if it was a size smaller than what I wanted. But after much contemplating, I decided to stop being in denial. I have decided to give it to another good friend of mine. Ahh, the joys of sharing =) I got mostly patterned ones, which probably wouldn`t be my first choices if I had to pay regular price. But it`s a SALE, and what a wonderful deal it is!

I got 2 pairs of TINY Toms and they were just. so. adorable! I got one for a friend`s baby daughter, and one for my future godson. I love love love the Tiny ones. I would buy a pair for all the babies I know if I had the funds. =)

Oh and one last tip: Make sure to return the shoes that you decide you`re NOT going to buy, because if the employees see you abandon shoes, they will walk you out of the warehouse. Even if you decide to buy shoes later and they remember you, they will take your shoes away and not let you purchase them. Yes, they are that strict. I think it`s fair though, because it does ruin it for everyone who are trying to find their sizes and are actually willing to buy. So remember, be nice and return the shoes you don`t want in their proper bins.

Tax is not included in the price, but hey you are already saving more than 50% off the regular price. I bought 11 pairs and kept 4 for myself. It`s just like Christmas in June! Best of all, if all the sources are correct, the ONE FOR ONE deal was still in effect, even if it was a warehouse sale. It`s a win-win for everyone!

I would love to hear about your TOMS warehouse sale experience. If I find out when the next sale is, I will definitely share it here. If you find out before I do, share the info please! Many thanks in advance! =)

PS. That`s me after our very fun shopping date. The shoes I bought are on the left side, and I admit I didn`t coordinate very well for the symmetry of the picture, but I was just way too excited!

Source link: http://www.toms.com/

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