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4 years ago

I am more of a bag person rather than purses, and I`ve never really been one to spend hundreds of dollars on high-end bags. My favourite ones are actually from more affordable places such as Spring or Aldo, and I always get them when they go on sale. Maybe I`m frugal, but it worked for me. My bags are mainly shades of brown, it`s one of my favourite colours and is handy as a neutral warm shade.

Lately, I`ve been branching out in styles/colours a bit, I found this tote at Winner`s for sale, and it was discounted to around $40 instead of something like $70-80 dollars. Both the style and colour are expanding my boundaries bit by bit. I usually carry hobo style or baggier styles, but this tote has been working for me so far. As for the colour, although I guess it could be counted as an extension of a neutral, it is still close enough that I`m still really comfortable carrying it and matching it with outfits.

The only reason I pretty much got this brand name item was because it was on sale... go figure!

<ul> <li>Haulage:

Tommy Hilfiger Tote</li> </ul>

<ul> <li>~ Do you prefer more expensive bags or affordable?
<li>~ What is your favourite style of bag?</li> </ul>

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