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4 years ago

Back in high school, I used to be reallyyyy into taking care of my skin. Always bought special masks, eye creams, lotions, toners, etc from overseas (I`m Asian, so American products don`t work as well on my skin as Asian products do). I also used to do so many diy stuff like egg and asprin masks. When I was coming to college, I was so excited because I would have more time to take care of my skin... But, I ended up getting lazy XD I guess more time meant more slacking off :p Anyway, my skin is pretty good without products. I have pretty good skin - rarely get pimples, pretty smooth for the most part, even complexion, and normal skin type. However, I do have a lot of whiteheads and blackheads in my nose and onto my cheek bones, but I keep them under control with a weekly exfoliating face wash. I also have dark circles under my eyes, but otherwise my skin is pretty good, I would say. Anyway, sorry for the long introduction. haha. So, a few weeks ago, I was on a mall trip with my bestie and we stopped by Sephora. I just decided to check out the skin care products for the heck of it, trying to see what toners and lotions they had and seeing if they would be a price that I would be willing to pay. After coming to college, and my skin staying the same even with years of non-care, I didn`t really want to pay Sephora prices for skin care products with Olay products from the drugstore cost the same. However, when I walked past the Shiseido area, I saw all these 1-2-3 kids... They came with a cleanser, toner, and lotion. There were many different kits, each for different purposes. For example, they one for anti-aging, brightinging, oil control... There were four, but I can`t remember the last one off the top of my head, sorry :( They`re pretty well priced too, $32.50-49.50 depending on what set you choose. Just a full-size cleanser costs abotu $35. Of course, the items in the set are not full size, but they will still last quiteeeee a while. With Shiseido products, a little bit goes QUITE a long way. Anyway, I stood there for a while deciding what to get XD The sales associate was actually really nice and helpful and stayed with me and put up with all my questions for the like 20 minutes I was deciding XD I ended up picking up the
White Lucent brightening line because I`ve heard good things about it. Moreover, I`ve tried the White Lucent cleanser before and I really liked it, so I decided to try out the full line. Also, brightening seemed like the most effective line for me. I`m not really old enough to have to use anti-aging stuff regularly, and my skin isn`t oily so... Brightening seems the most logical choice. I also wanted to pick up an eye cream while I was there. I was considering picking up the eye cream that comes with the White Lucent line, but the sales associate told me that all of Shiseido`s eye creams are multipurpse so all of them do brightening, at least a little. Just the White Lucent would be have the strongest lightening component. I decided to get the eye cream from the Benefiance line (the anti-aging line). Personally, I think that an eye cream just to get rid of dark circles is kind of useless... No matter how companies market their anti-dark circle products, dark circles are just a genetic condition. They only way to actually get rid of them is to be born without the dna strand that causes them. Also, eyes and forehead are usually the first place to get wrinkles (I mean, you open and close your eyes so much in a day, of course that area will be more prone to wrinkling). Also, all the eye creams were about the same price (around $50). So, for $50 I might as well get the most useful (in my opinion) one. My sales associate also threw in a few samples of the Shisedo sunblock. because the spf in the lotion that comes with the box set is only 15spf. She also told me the difference between sunblock and sunscreen, and why some sun products say spf while others say spf++, but I think I`ll save that for another post ;) Anyway, here are the prices I paid for them, along with links to the items on the Sephora website if you`re interested! :)

Have you ever tried these products, or any Shiseido products? If so, what do you think of them?
Pictures are mine, please don`t take them! Thanks!!

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