Haul: Remaining Hunger Games Trilogy Books

5 years ago

Recently I hauled the Hunger Games book by Suzanne Collins at Target. I picked up the soft cover for $7.19 and figured Id get around to reading it soon. Well, I have and I cant seem to STOP reading it once I pick it up. Im a little more than halfway through the first book so I knew I had to get my hands on the 2nd and 3rd book in the series. I looked around online to compare prices and no one sells the soft cover. So Im kicking myself for picking up the soft cover when now I had to get 2 hard covers. Anyway! I looked at Barnes & Nobles website and I could get each book for $10 and some change, but if I ship to my house I have to pay for shipping and I feel too impatient to ship it to the store. The reason Im rather impatient is because I am starting a new job on Monday and I probably wont be in the mood to be driving the next state over to pick up a book before the bookstore closes at night. Amazon was selling them but they were slightly more than the price at Target. Okay, so Target it was and Target I went! My particular Target had about 10 of the 2nd book (Catching Fire) in the trilogy but I could NOT find the third one (Mockingjay). Stalking the book section I FINALLY found the LAST book in the store on one of the shelves near the front. I paid $12.59 each. Not bad but I cant wait to finish the first so I can continue on with the trilogy. I have not seen the movie as of yet, I am going to wait until I finish reading the book and then buy the movie when it comes out on DVD. This way I can force my boyfriend into watching it with me, hehe.

Have you read the Hunger Games books?
Have you seen the Hunger Games movie?

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