Haul: Reed Diffuser amp Candle From Target

I had to make my weekly trip to Target so I was mostly just browsing around the clearance items. I had a few things that I knew I wanted to pick up, but other than that I just wanted to walk around and browse. I ended up buying two things for my apartment: a reed diffuser and a candle.

I`ve used a reed diffuser in the past and I really liked how long the scent lasted. I also like how the scent just lingers in the air without me having to do anything. The only thing I didn`t like was the scent that I purchased. However, this time around I think I was able to pick out a better scent. I chose the White Peach & Bergamont scent because it was one of the ones that was on clearance. Plus, the bottle of oil that it came with was pretty huge so I thought it was a pretty good deal. The original price was $14.99, but I got it on clearance for $10.48. The set comes with a square glass bottle that holds 7.66 fluid ounces of oil and 10 reeds. I started using it last night and it has a subtle and sweet scent. It takes about 24 hours for the reeds to fully soak up the oil and for the scent to really show itself. It`s been a lot less than that, but my apartment already has that slight lingering scent. So far so good :) .

<strong>White Peach & Bergamont:</strong> "A unique blend of white peach, sun-warmed grapefruit and a sweet hint of fresh orchard apple cover over a green floral bouqet of Bamboo and spring`s first blossom."

The second item I picked up was a Yankee Candle and this was on clearance for an amazing price. It was originally $17.99, but I got it for $5.38. I probably should`ve picked up a few more, but there were only one or two available in the 10 ounce jars. The scent is Vanilla Caramel. The weird thing was when I looked the scent up on the Yankee Candle website the picture on the jar was totally different. I`m not sure why it`s like that though. The picture on the website shows scoops of ice cream drizzled with caramel. But the one I purchased looks more like a drink topped with whipped cream. Haha I don`t know, just a random observation.

<strong>Vanilla Caramel:</strong> "Decadent homemade vanilla ice cream dripping with the nutty sweetness of warm caramel."

<em>Do you like to use candles? What are some of your favorite scents?</em>

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