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This haul craze is NOT helping my consumerism wants. I knew there were hauls on Youtube. But now there are hauls on LUUUX! I am still trying to figure out why I keep looking at what people bought because I can never have half those things. So to fulfill my consumerism wants...specifically my Sephora wants, I am going to make an imaginary Sephora haul. So comment back and tell me if society is making you crave the same products. haha

Jasmine palette: The colors are perfect for me! Even the blush and bronzer are beautiful combinations and pretty be themselves. Plus! Jasmine is the coolest princess ever! Sure she still gets captured but at least she tries to defend herself.

Cinderella palette: The palette colors are not perfect for me like the Jasmine palette but I honestly just want a whole collection of the Disney princess palettes. I just also like to fantasize about seeing all the palettes as jewelery boxes when I am done with the shadows. But of course, I can`t buy these and it just takes me forever to finish make up anyway.

Butt load of primers: I am addicted to healthy looking skin and I know primers make a big difference. I love all the skin finishes from dewy to matte. So primers help me achieve them all with but use the same foundation! Ya, foundation is one thing I don`t really have fantasies of buying a lot of. I like testing out a foundation one at a time.

Stacks on stacks of Sephora brand shadows: I want all the mirror shadows thanks to Dulce Candy. When she said the mirror shadows appear wet I was sold because liquid texture shadows that give the wet look always do weird things on my eyelids. And I usually don`t like glitter eyeshadows but I want these because people said it doesn`t fall out like it usually does. I am already all over the place when I do my makeup so I don`t need more mess. But I don`t have to worry about these shadows. Oh and I want all the matte shadows because I am always a fan of matte. I am still shy with bright colors so a matte bright color would help me ease into bright eye looks. Also, I loooove matte neutral colors. I personally not a fan of neutral eye looks with all shimmer eyeshadows because I think that much shimmer just takes away from the natural look. Like all matte neutral shadows just make a beautiful contoured eye.

Practically the whole Tarte line: The thing about hauls is that most easily accessible makeup doesn`t have the best ingredients. So some of these items on this "haul" are on here because I am trying to buy more sustainable beauty products. And so far Tarte is my favorite sustainable line because it still tries to sustainable but has some edge to it. Like I adore Urban Decay products but not all the ingredients and packaging aren`t great for the earth or your face. Also, I admire that Tarte are trying out more healthy ingredients. I remember their "vitamin balms" had a lot of supplements in it but had scary ingredients so I lost faith for a while. But their formulas are getting better though. So Tarte line I will visiting you if I win a sephora shopping spree. :D

Bliss line: The line has awesome stuff for cellulite and I always had my eye on them ever since I saw a bunch of ripples in the bad lighting of a Burlington Coat Factory dressing room. I really thought I had no obvious cellulite until that day. It is true that ignorance is bliss guys haha.

Laser hair removal: We all hate body hair maintenance and an easy home hair removal that can take out hair and dramatically reduce the thickness sounds alllll good to me.
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Brushes: I am addicted to brushes. I swear they are like cats to me because I always like to pet the bristles. I am just fascinated on how different brushes do different tasks. I am very much an experimenter with makeup so brushes lets me experiment more with the same product.

Ya so there it is guys, my hypothetical haul if I had EXTRA money to spend, if I didn`t care about being sustainable, if I had room to put all this makeup, if I succumbed to my wants...basically if this was a alter universe. :p

Goodnight guys and happy dreaming!
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