Haul of a shopaholic PT2

Hey everyone and thanks for coming back for part 2 of my huge haul!
again I have to add my two cents on everything that going on in the LUUUX world . I know the craziness will be over soon But I have to say it really sucks to come on here and find out a lot of your luuux$ are gone because people keep deleting their accounts. How is everyone else feeling about this??

Okay back to the haul
Picture number 2-3

have to start with these Sam Edelman I remember when Sam Edelman came with these heels two years ago and they were $200 -$249 and I wanted some so bad. Now I`m lucky enough to have three pairs and you wouldn`t guess the great deal I got for these Sam Edelman From Marshals Regular price $200 I paid $79.00 ,but the Sad part is I went back and now they`re on sale for $39.99 grrr lol .

Picture number 4

Picture number 5
Nail polish remover (do anyone else to through this stuff like water )
Dial Hello kitty -smells really good $2.45 Target
MOROCCAN argan oil 3 piece kit $9.99 Target

Well I will try to come back with pt 3 today and hope everyone has a good day .
Pic are by me pls dont take thank you

pt.1 nails&lips
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