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4 years ago

Last year I was introduced (thanks to a local fancy salon) to a line of shampoo and conditioners that just blew my mind. I got my hair professionally dyed for the first time and paid quite a bit for it too. I didn`t want to damage my hair even more by using harsh shampoos and conditioners, plus I didn`t want my colour to fade cause I wasnt using something for color treated hair. I decided to invest in the shampoo and conditioner they recommended. I had tried a salon conditioner a really long time ago, plus anytime you get a haircut and they wash and condition your hair its pretty obvious that there`s a quality difference.

I picked the two of these up, together for $40. I know, I know. You could get 4 shampoos in this price. I have to wonder though. I used to use Pantene and Tresemme, and for the amount of product I got and how long they lasted, I think there`s less of a difference in value than you`d think. These two will last me about 5-6 months (I wash my hair 3 times a week).

This is the only shampoo that I have ever actually noticed my hair smelling nice from, well after showering. Not only that, the scent IS fantastic! The shampoo is very nice (you need very little), lathers nicely, doesn`t strip the hair, leaves it on the moisturized side. And then I use the conditioner just on my ends to get them super smooth.

These definitely blow anything you can get in the drugstore out of the water. There are some products that are not worth spending extra money on, with these there is a clear difference. I`m not saying this is the only brand that will be true for either. I just think that salon shampoos and conditioners do wonders for your hair. If you`re curious, this the second time I`ve bought the set.

I would totally recommend the two of these, despite their price and boring packaging, lol. I hope you guys enjoyed this haul/review. Happy Luuuxing!

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