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Nordstrom Rack is one of my favorite places to shop at. Unfortunately, we don`t have the actual Nordstrom department store here where I live, so I go to Nordstrom Rack instead. (; I wasn`t really shopping for anything too specific, just knew I wanted to get some new goodies.

<Strong>My first stop: Jewelry department!</strong>
I picked up a gold collar bib necklace by Tasha. It`s pretty simple, which I like, but still makes a statement! (; It was on clearance for $14.97 and retails for $48.

The second jewelry piece I picked up were some dangly, rhinestone earrings by Sparkling Sage. These are some post back earrings, which I prefer over the fish hooks, and were on clearance for $17, retails for $68. You can get the same exact ones online here: http://www.amazon.com/Sparkling-Sage-Collection-Multi-Bezel-Earrings/dp/B005UY1726/ref=sr_1_8?s=jewelry&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1333000841&amp;sr=1-8 but I highly recommend you check out your local Nordstrom rack first because they were much cheaper.

<strong>Second stop: Shoe department</strong>
Norstrom Rack is one of my favorite places to buy shoes from, so I could never pass up looking through the shoe section during my visits here. Of course, I was browsing and browsing and didn`t see anything worth buying, until I came across these beautiful black suede Dolce Vita strap platform pumps. I looked at the price and they were marked at $32.90! I was like "OMG!" Tried them on, and I instantly fell in love. They were sooooo comfy on my feet! I was wondering why they were so cheap, then I saw that they were "Worn & Refurbished" .. which made me hesitate in purchasing them at first.. the suede looked just a tad bit worn out, nothing extreme. Honestly, it was probably just worn out from people trying it on constantly, but they weren`t in any real distress so I went ahead and got them! I tell you.. Shoes are my weakness! lol No regrets here because they literally saved my feet later that day.. I changed out of my flats and wore these for the rest of the day (Hence, last photo) because my flats were killing me! Surprising how a hair of heels were more comfortable than flats, right? Crazy, I know..

<strong>Last stop: Clothes department</strong>
At Nordstrom Rack, I usually just end up browsing through their clearance section. I think since I usually stop here last, I don`t really feel like browsing through their entire clothes section, so I really just look for sweet deals in their clearance racks. I first picked up a pair of Seven for All Mankind slim trousers in black. They were marked down to $59.98, so I tried them on and fell in love with them. I loved how nicely they fit on me and the shape of them gave a slack-like look so I ended up purchasing these. lol, My first Seven For All Mankind jeans and I got them for a great price!

Last thing I picked up was a ruffled tank top by Chole K. It was marked down to $9.80 and looked very cute and simple when I tried it on. Easy tank top to dress up or down with. Plus, I need more tops like that anyway.. lol

So, this is my whole Nordstrom Rack haul! Hope you all enjoyed! Sorry for the photos coming out so "yellow" .. my lighting in my room isn`t the best and it keeps bouncing off the red walls.

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