Haul: My First Little Black Dress!

5 years ago

i`ve probably owned black dresses before, but nothing i would deem a "little black dress." i wouldn`t exactly call this one either because it looks so innocent with the collar - gives the dress a very innocent school-girl look - BUT that`s what i think it is. and i love it.

there`s actually quite a long backstory to this dress...

a few months ago, i was in the big forever 21 in san francisco across from the westfield and i saw this dress. i had seen it online but hesitated to buy it but i KNEW i really liked it. there was only one left. i immediately grabbed it and took it to the dressing room. the dress fit really well! all was well... except for the DARNED ZIPPER THAT WAS BROKEN. it wasn`t really broken but it didn`t zip smoothly. i didn`t think i would be able to wear the dress much because of the zipper. i contemplated getting it anyways and at least i`d get the 10% or so discount they give you when merchandise is defective, but i ended up just deciding not to get it. i didn`t think it would be functional with a broken zipper and it`d be too hard to put on/take off more than a few times.
(i had asked employees there if there were anymore, but they told me this style was discontinued and they only had the ones that were already out in the store. i checked online a few days later and it was gone, so they were right. poop!)

ALAS, i went back yesterday. i didn`t expect to find much that i like since i think i`m pretty set with clothing at this point. i was on the third floor looking through their black dresses seeing if i could find something similar or at least find a LBD that i liked... AND THEN, I SAW THIS. AND I WAS HAPPY.

i dashed to the dressing room again and tried it on. the zipper worked fine!! i quickly inspected for other problems but didn`t find any and HECK YES I GOT IT! i think it was around $25 or so, which i think is totally worth it considering how much i love it. i`m so excited now :)

ohhh forever 21, how you tease me so!

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