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5 years ago

Hi everyone! I have decided to pay my local Lush a visit since it has been awhile since I last visited. If you have not noticed by now, I am a Lush addict. There are pros and cons to being a Lush addict. Pros: buying organic products that are good for you and the environment. You see effective improvements to your hair, body, etc. after a few weeks. Cons: the price of their products, and the addiction to keep on buying more. I think Lush needs to create a rehab centre for people like me hahaha. Anyways, enough of the rant and lets continue on with what I got (Left to Right):

-The Ex-Factor Electric Blue Bath Bomb Voodoo. This is a limited edition bath bomb that came out for Valentines Day. This is why it was created: "Our blue Bath Bomb was invented for wronged lovers and those who dislike the romantic sentiments of Valentine`s Day." I personally got this bath bomb because it is super cute and it smells exactly like the Lush Butterball Bath Bomb. And well it is fun thinking about throwing your ex into your tub and watching him "fizzle" away. This bath bomb is in the shape of a little gingerbread man (bright blue) with a cute little pink heart on his left side. If you have not smelled Butterball Bath Bomb before, it is a vanilla musky scent. It is not very musky I would say, but you can smell a lovely vanilla from it. This is bath bomb is 100 g for the price of $4.95.

-Retread Conditioner. This is a "triple strength" conditioner that is meant to tame "unruly hair" and give it extra softness. This is my favourite conditioner by far and this is my second tub of it. I had to pick this up A.S.A.P since I cannot live without it! This smells wonderful; cantaloupe melon. This is not your standard conditioner since it is very thick and not runny. And you have to use your hands to scoop the conditioner out. This is 250 g that is priced for $27.95.

-Rehab Shampoo Sample. The lovely Lush lady decided to offer me a sample of their Rehab Shampoo. Since I am in love with their Retread Conditioner, she said that Rehab Shampoo was created as a combo with it. This shampoo was created to "rehabilitate abused hair." I have to say that this shampoo is quite pricey. For 500 mL, it costs $39.95! Good thing I got a sample before willingly handing over $40!

-Caca Noir Mama Henna. This is Persian henna in the colour black. The colour indigo is also mixed into this so if you have dark brown or black hair, you can see an indigo tint afterwards. At least that is what the sales associate told me. I did not buy this for myself, but instead for my friend. My friend has been dying her hair for as long as I can remember, and has seriously damaged her hair. The chemicals from the hair dye has caused her to lose a lot of hair and she even has a bald spot! Since I hate the thought of her going bald at such a young age, I decided to pick this up for her as an introduction gift to Lush. I hope it will work for her! This henna comes with 6 blocks and each block has a lovely design on it. The 6 blocks weigh 325 g at the price of $24.95.

-Angels on Bare Skin Sample. I was offered another sample by the lovely Lush lady. I have heard such great things about this product but was not sure if I was committed to buying it; since I have such sensitive skin I generally break out with every face scrub I use. I still have not found that perfect face scrub for me. :( But I hope this will work since she said that this is perfect for all skin types including mine. It costs $10.95 for 100 g.

I am quite happy with my purchase and would highly recommend Lush products to you all. Their products are a bit pricey, but they are worth the investment since they are organic and great for the environment. The source of information about the products are from the source below. I am always on the look out for new Lush products, so please feel free to recommend me anything!

Do you like Lush? What is your favourite product(s) from there?
*Pictures belong to me*

Source link: http://www.lush.ca

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