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Hello everyone! how are you? Recently I got some shopping done! soo here are the beauty items and necessities haul! 40% Need and 60% Want okay?

I got all of these lashes from this shop at 1 Utama called Cubix. They were a New Year`s sale Buy 2 free 1 so I decided
to get some because I ran out of lashes and I used to buy a one box for 10 ringgit lashes but I couldn`t find them anymore
at Curve`s street market soo I decided to try these ones out. 2 of the lashes I got are upper lashes which costs Rm 35 so 70 Ringgit
and the lower lashes box cost RM 25 which I got for free~ Check out the pictures ^_^

I love these! Super natural looking

These ones were my first pick!

Lower lashes~ I want longer ones next time

I got this lash glue from Sasa It was RM 14.90 just a normal white glueI haven`t tried it yet :)

I also got Hello Kitty Earrings from Cubix! Forgot all about this! ^_^

Here`s my Hello Kitty haul I got from Guardian

Look at the pretty kawaii promotional pictures!

*My receipt is not with me sooo I will edit the price of the things tomorrow!*

I got 2 tongue cleaners! RM 7.99 each I think these are soo useful and oddly hard to find at any pharmacies here, don`t know why
they should be available everywhere! Tongue cleaners are important! If I get sick or eat food that makes my breath reeks
I need to clean my tongue! I think everyone needs this therefore I`m going to buy some more soon and then give some to my
cousins and maybe for the HK giveaway I`ve been setting aside for you guys! My readers

Plasters! RM 4.99 because I ran out in my kit, I`m usually a careful person so I don`t cut myself as easily
but accidents can happen! SO I always have some in my knives bag too back when I was doing my diploma
and also people always come to me for plasters and pads and sometimes I have toothpicks that comes in the paper wrapper

if you`re lucky Hah! then my dad and friends will tell me that I totally stole it from the hotel or some cafe hahah! So what! You need them :p

Cotton swabs! RM5.99 I needed to get more because I have a kitten now! need to clean his eyes and ears as well!
I really recommend getting cotton swabs from Metrojaya at Mid Valley they have cosmetic cotton swabs tips ones and they also have the
best cheapest round cottons as well for removing makeup or using toners etc. I love those! Will actually post it on my next post since
I love them so much and everyone should know where to get the cheapest round high quality cottons that doesn`t stick on your face!

Next is this cute green apple hand sanitizer RM 4.99 I don`t really know what the green rubber thing is for lol can someone
enlighten me? They also have one more scent in orange I prefer not smelling like oranges :DD Green apples are soo good, I
use this often because of the new kitten, he`s not dirty or anything but I don`t want to touch him and then touch my face and everywhere
else. I don`t remember feeling like this when I have many cats before though lol..well sometimes he sleeps with me anyways

Next I got the Hello Kitty biscuit tin!! I have a mad obsession with tins see :( The biscuits inside are Tomato sticks!
SOOO GOOOD surprisingly the tin isn`t that expensive too only Rm 9.99!! I only got one btw! I just photoshop
the photos to show you guys the pretty tin`s design! O_O

The awesome tomato sticks! I loveee these! I`ve always loved Pocky, Rocky and Kabaya stick biscuits soo these are awesome!
one tin comes in 2 packs and there`s quite a lot of sticks!

Lastly I got 2 Silky girl stuff, It`s a repurchase because I love them soo much. Big eye mascara RM 18.80
and precision sharp liquid eyeliner RM 14.80 I think all girls should have these in their makeup bag

Definitely the best lower end mascara and liquid eyeliner ever! These are the things that I run out WAYY too often
They work amazingly great almost like my higher end makeup but let`s get real I`m not going to spend a ton on things I need to repurchase all the time, the money is better spent on other things I want, so a lower end alternative to high end things are always awesome!
I also got my usual shampoo and conditioner

I am currently working on some projects before I start my degree soo will be doing that!

And To the people who are reading my blog whether you are a constant commenter or a silent reader thank you soo much
for still reading! I`ve been getting a lot of e-mails regarding where I get some things, help with getting brushes
etcetera ..I feel soo touched! :D Many of you girls e-mail me asking me about beauty stuff or even random people
wanting to be friends. I love making friends!

Like this one incident...remember my lipstick holder post? (Pic below) Well somebody messaged me on Facebook
asking me where I get it and then the next day he messaged me that he got it for his e-cigs, I thought he wanted to buy
for his wife or maybe he is a makeup artist lor hahaha superr funny right?

I feel so happy that I get to help people..makeup related stuff or not :) you guys can reach me anytime on facebook,
twitter, instagram or my e-mail

Love Love you all!

~quin kitty

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*All photos are mine do not use them without consent*

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