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Hello everyone, 2 weeks ago, on the 3rd of November, I went to The Sops, a Korean skin care and makeup shop at Publika Solaris Dutamas. The owner, Jenny, a Korean woman was really nice! I was running out of one of my favorite BB Cream skin 79 Super + the hot pink one, because Watsons doesn`t carry it anymore..So I`ve been keeping out on the look for better BB creams!

Giverny Paris Real Skinny Premium Magic BB Cream RM 129
The first thing that caught my attention were the high end BB Creams! They cost more than the usual 70-90 Ringgit range..I tried on the Giverny Paris one. The name can be deceiving haha partly because there is no Giverny brand from Paris, the brand in paris is Givenchy. This brand is made in Korea. You can check out their website at


My first look is that the box is supper fancy!!! I actually did not look at the box`s packaging prior to purchasing it. Miss Jenny let me try out the BB Cream and see the difference between one side of my face compared to the other, I really like it! It doesn`t give me that super white cast most bb creams tend to do. It gives my skin a natural glow without making me look super yellowish. And I only need a little amount of this! This one is more for oily skin like mine, they also have a hydrating bb cream for dry skin! This is the best BB Cream I`ve ever tried soo far!

Goodal Yerba Mate Bubble Peeling Phytowash - RM 112
This is a super neat exfoliator! The most gentle one I`ve ever tried! Goodal claims to remove unnecessary chemicals and paraben in their products. The bottle says "A light non-irritant bubble peeling that exfoliates dead skin cells refines pores creating. The Yerba mate is called ginseng of South America, containing more than 50 types of vitamin and mineral. I tested it out at the shop too and It`s super easy to use. Just wet the face and gently pat the product. The bubbles will foam up and gently remove dead skin cells. The quality of this stuff is as good as Dermalogica`s daily microfoliant and Laura Mercier`s face polish!

More info here

Styler Browcara. 02 RM 45
Unlike the other 2 above, which was a total impulse buy, I really needed a light blonde brow mascara for my Asuna cosplay next month..They have a lighter shade which is super natural too! Totally recommend. I need to use more of this for a total blonde brows!

Here`s how it looks like~

Overall, I really enjoyed getting all of the products. My total amount was RM 286 in the end eekks.. I also got a free hair curling essence.really smells
nice and absorbs into my hair fast too..Even though the products here are super expensive, I really recommend testing them out!
There are tons of other things that interested me too..like a Vibrating sponge bb cream applicator. I don`t know what`s up with
Asians and sponges lol, The SA told me it can be used many times because it`s like anti bacterial and washable.
You can even by the sponge refills... I`m interested to try this out one day haha!

Has anyone tried the Korean BB Cream vibrating applicator? Let me know if it`s worth it or not :p hope you enjoyed reading my haul! I don`t think I`ll be doing another high-end makeup haul anytime soon and also because I`m putting myself on a shopping ban! It`s soo bad to want to buy new makeup all the time :`( For now, I`ll be doing more reviews and hauls I`ve purchased recently! See you in my next post everyone!

Take care!~~


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*All pictures are mine do not use them without consent*

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