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4 years ago

I live in Montreal, and we dont have Hollister here. Actually, I dont think their is any Hollister in Canada (I might be mistaken). Whenever I go to the United States, I love going to the Hollister store. It smells so god in their, and their clothes are so cute! However, I fell like it is way too dark to look at their clothes properly. Plus, I don,t go to the United States very often.

About two weeks ago, my mom and dad went to the USA for a few days. They came back and they had bought a Hollister t-shirt to my brother. My mom told me that she didnt know if I would like any of their stuff. We decided to go on their website and looking at their clothes. It can sometimes be pretty expensive for what it is (in my opinion), so we directly cicked on the sale and clearance sections. Turns out we found very cute stuff! I believe the shipping was free, but we had to pay the taxes and fees. They shipped it on Friday, and I got my order today (Monday) so it was very quick!

I have been wanting a nice Hollister hoodie for a while. I also have been wanting a hoodie that isnt too thick, so that I cant wear it during the summer, you know those days that are super windy and you are at the beach and you get cold. I found this pretty white one, with navy blue writtings on it. It was originaly marked at $49,50 (Canadian Money, it was $39,50 US money) and I got it for only $28,90CAD, which I personally think is a pretty good price for a Hollister hoodie! This one is called the Daley Ranch and it is available online only. I believe their are other colors, but Im a sucker for anything white :P I would have a order a Medium size one, but there wasnt any left, so I got a Large one, which is ok because I lie my hoodies to be loose, and Holister tends to make their clothes a bit on the smaller side.

The second and last thing I got is this pretty V-neck t-shirt. Now that story behing this purchase is that a friend came to see me a few weeks ago while I was working, and she was wearing a Hollister V-neck navy blue t-shirt with white pants and I thought it was so pretty for a weekend outfit! I didnt get the same as hers though, because when I saw that one, I basically fell in love. I love the writting on it and the fact that there is a popof colour with the pink California. That one was originally marked at $22,50CAD ($17,50US), and I got it for $13CAD. This one is no longer available on their website thought. It is called Surfers Knoll. Im really happy of my purchases!

Have you ever ordered or bought anthing from Holister? Do you think its pricey?
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