Haul, Haul, Haul! (Milani amp L`Oreal)

5 years ago

More hauling! I was out hunting for the Essie polishes (BklynQueen is in the same quest... frustrating, isn`t it?!)... I know they aren`t supposed to be out until the first of February but some people in outside blogs have found them already. The closest I got was finding the display.... empty... they said they hadn`t filled it yet. I wanted to grab them and demand to know where their stash was! (okay, maybe not THAT crazy... but knowing they had them in the back but weren`t putting them out yet made me go nuts! I was SO close to them!) <---yeah...that didn`t help to make me look less nuts.

ANYWAY, I was feeling defeated and couldn`t go home empty handed. Don`t judge me :-P I still have items on my "to buy" list and figured if I could find those, I may as well get them.

First I saw an expanded display of Milani polishes. I was hunting FOR AGES for Red Sparkle and had to resort to swapping to get it.. and now it was sitting in a display (I swear it was laughing at me).. I also noticed they had one labeled Red Sparkle but it wasn`t the original formulation of just fine red microglitter but was a mix of red and gold microglitter. I saw they had added new colors to their One Coat Glitters line as well as the Jewel FX line. I picked up a couple-few.

Then as I was wandering around I found the new L`Oreal polish display. I just saw a couple of posts from Martha (BklynQueen) using some very pretty colors. I couldn`t remember their exact names, but I think I did get two of the right ones.

Right next to those polishes they also had the infallible shadow display. I already have 4 others, but I saw Mica do a post showing a swatch of Amber Rush and I knew I had to have it... so I picked up that one. I *think* I have all the colors now that I want... That`ll probably change as I keep seeing swatches of colors I don`t have, lol!

The final thing I got was another Milani blush. I love their baked blushes. LOVE them! Previously they only had slots for something like 4 of the colors. I think they`re expanding the Milani display at the store because there were a lot of new items and items they didn`t previously carry. I saw they added a lot of new blush colors. This one everyone talks about (along with Luminoso, but I already own that one). I new I had to have it... I swear it seems more shimmery than I remember seeing on peoples blogs and such... I don`t know.

<Strong>EVERYTHING I GOT:</Strong>
-Milani polish in Red (nope, this isn`t red sparkle..it`s chunky and not a one coat)
-Milani polish in Hot Pink (I wish they`d have selected a different name because they have a not pink in their neon line)
-Milani polish in Teal
-milani polish in Pink Flare (I got this one because I think it may be an exact dupe..or very, very close dupe of OPI Teenage Dreams...will have to swatch them together)
-L`Oreal polish in Paparazzi Pleaser (Thanks to BklynQueen, I HAD to have this one)
-L`Oreal polish in Tangerine Crush (Thanks again to BklynQueen...another one she made me want, lol!)
-L`Oreal polish in Safari Chic
-L`Oreal infallible shadow in Amber Rush (Thanks to Mica for making me want this one)
-Milani blush in Corallina

So, as you can see I had several items that I wanted purely after seeing other Luuuxers swatch them. LOL! I have always said it, and will say it again... Luuux is a terrible influence and bad for your wallet! :-P

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