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5 years ago

So, tomorrow I am attending a banquet for a fraternity on campus. Incidentally, one of my bestie`s boyfriend is in that fraternity so she will also be attending! She`s been feeling a bit under the weather and had exams this week, and I needed to get some accessories so we decided to have a date... At the mall! ^^ Of course, I ended up getting a lot of non-banquet-related things, but that is off topic (of this post) and I shall post about my other splurges soon!!

I had a 20% off one item coupon to H&M (you get it by signing up for their newsletter and it`s delievered to your inbox immediate, if you`re interested!) and I saw some youtube gurus talking about some cheap (yet nice) purses at H&M. I needed a clutch-like purse, because I don`t want to carry around my casual (and big/stocky) purse at a fancy banquet... Moreover, my daily purse is a dark green and my dress is cream/tan so it doesn`t match AT ALL. Also, when I am attending my own organization`s banquet, I usually just wear a jacket and stuff all my essentials in my jacket XD But, since this is for another org, I feel I should look and be at least somewhat classy :p

I ended up picking up the purse that you see in the picture. The picture definitely does not do it justice though :c It`s a really pretty light pink color with rose gold trim in real life... I have no idea why the camera wouldn`t pick up the color and instead makes it look brown (I tried sooo many different angles and lightings but it still didn`t work!). It is made of plastic and it shows finger prints really easily (I had to get the most finger-printed one cause the others were mis-shapen (the flaps didn`t close properly). It`s a little big to use for a clutch "on the town," but I think it`s perfect for a formal type setting. It`s a bigger so I can keep my "touch-up make up" inside in case of emergency :p as well as my wallet, phone, and camera. And it`s very thin, so instead of having to put it on the floor (something I hate doing with my purse... Floors are so dirty!) I can just tuck it behind me while I`m sitting (so it`s between my back and the chair). I do this (tuck behind) with my regular purse too when I`m eating out, but it`s kind of annoying and uncomfortable since it`s so big. haha. Anyway... That`s all I have to say really ._." it`s just super pretty and I wish that the camera picked up on it more. Oh yeah, as you can tell by the pictures, there`s also a strap that can be tucked inside too :) My friend didn`t notice the strap until I pulled it out so it is very discrete when tucked inside! This bag was <strong>$24.90</strong> but I used my 20% off coupon on it so it ended up only being <strong>$19.96</strong>.

I also got some earrings!! :D I haven`t gotten earrings in so long, haha. I feel like earrings are kind of a waste of money x.x They are so expensive! And, I used to make my own (use old earring posts then add dangly things) but I have gotten lazy since I came to college so I usually just wear plain posts to prevent the holes from closing. However, this is a special occasion, which calls for special accesssories :) haha. I got the feather ones because I love feathers! lol. Yeah... That`s basically why... Well, also the color scheme was good XD Since my dress is a light cream/tan color and my bag is a light pink, I think the earrings will help tie the two items together since there is pink, white, and gold in the feather earrings. Then, I got the cuff earrings because I just love double pierce/cuff earrings. I don`t know why! I just do, and always have! haha. And they match since there is gold in the feather earrings too XD The feather earrings were <strong>$5.95</strong> and the double pierce/cuff earrings were <strong>$4.95</strong>. I`m sure that I`ll be able to wear both of them again though, so it was worth it :)

Have any of you ever attended a formal banquet (or even something like prom)? If so, what kind of bag and accessories do you use?

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