Haul From Krogers (of all places!)

5 years ago

I normally do my grocery shopping on Sundays but with this Sunday being Easter, I decided to do it Saturday. I was going through the beauty section looking for a sunscreen MsGoldGirl mentioned in a recent video (dang youtube and luuux always sucking me into buying things!). It was a Neutrogena one that she said worked well under makeup and the bottle even mentions that. It was a little white bottle that had to be shaken up before use and was along the lines of Neutrogena Sheer Liquid Spf ...or something like that. I couldn`t find that at Kroger. But, I did see some other Neutrogena sunblocks. I spent way too long looking at sunblocks... REALLY too long. Anyway, I settled on this Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock with SPF 30. What sold me is that it says it is fast absorbing and is weightless plus it is a broad spectrum SPF (UVA and UVB). Also, it is PABA free (plus!). I`m going to try this tomorrow and see how it works. I need extra SPF, I feel, because my dermatologist h as me on some pretty harsh stuff that has left my skin vulnerable.

Now, the exciting part! NAIL POLISH! I mentioned a couple of weeks back that I had picked up one polish from the OPI Holland collection and then wished I had picked up a few more. Well.. I have no clue why, but my Kroger actually had a display (rather picked through, though) with a big sign set up next to it marked 50% off! WHAT? I didn`t ask if this was a mistake because I can only get my OPI at 50% at the supply houses...so... with very little selection left, I was able to find the two I actually wanted most (woohoo!!!). I got I Have A Herring Problem and I Don`t Give A Rotterdam. They look identical in my photos, but I Don`t Give A Rotterdam is more blue than I Have A Herring Problem, which is more green.


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