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4 years ago

Ive made a promise to myself to get my booty back to the gym and get this fitness routine to become a steady part of my life again. I stopped going to the gym months ago because of a hernia injury. I went back once after that and injured my knee because I pulled it/popped it, something but all I know is I could barely walk for a week. I do know that sort of thing ONLY happens to me in zumba and Im sure its because Im twisting/turning and my bodys going one way, my knee the other. So because of this popped into Walmart the other night because I had done some researching online and found a few people on a zumba message board saying that they too were having issues with their knees popping while in class. One woman suggested the Mueller brand self-adjusting knee stabilizer. I looked it up online; felt it would be a good fit for myself. I have a knee stabilizer at home BUT its a compression fit and it literally squeezes my knee/leg so tightly that it at one point started to turn purple sooo goodbye compression stabilizer. I also picked up an all purpose support wrap for my ankle. I have had ankle issues since I was a kid because I fractured my ankle pretty bad and it was a knick away from breaking and we all know a fracture is worse than a clean break. So I have issues in general with my foot, I could turn it and it pops/cracks and if I do it too much I have issues walking. I have a drawer full of ankle cuffs but each has a certain purpose and none of them are made to go to the gym because theres usually a line where its sewn and itll dig into my foot and thats just not comfortable for jumping around for an hour. Anyway!

I wore both of these to my zumba class this morning and Im happy to say they worked pretty great. Granted its the first class, but my knee didnt bother me one bit and my ankle was secure enough that jumping around didnt aggravate it. So hooray! Greatest $20 I spent. Lesson learned (and ignored many times..): listen to your body.

Do you have any supports you use when working out?

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