[haul] Darkness Eyelashes + how to chose false eyelash styles

4 years ago

This is actually a haul I did a few months ago, but never got around to posting up. Back in February, for spring break, I went to visit my boyfriend in Maryland. Something that I like about going there is that he lives near an H Mart (a Korean supermarket) which sells Darkness eyelashes for $4+tax! I usually see these online for $6-$8 plus shipping, so $4+tax is really good!

I love Darkness eyelashes! :D They are a Korean brand and the lashes are made of synthetic fiber, meaning they hold up better to multiple uses (as opposed to American lashes which are made with real human hair). The band is also a little thicker so it turns my inner double eyelid into a double eyelid (Asians probably know what I`m talking about haha, it`s hard to explain), but is still thin enough to look very natural.

I usually get the same eyelashes every time because I know how they look on me but... This time, we were out with his mom and she suddenly wanted to go to H Mart and I couldn`t remember the styles that I usually wear :c So I just grabbed these. I haven`t tried them out yet, so I hope they look alright when worn!! ><"" Most of the Darkness lashes are the same style (cross-cross, dramatic, and half) but the difference between the styles is the length of the lashes and the width of the band. I think this is really important for finding a natural looking false lash. You CAN (and should) cut down the band width, but as you can see the lashes are shorter at the ends and longer in the middle (like natural eyelashes) so if you have to cut too much, then you wno`t get that subtle and natural-looking growth .

I got two K.ma1`s because I thought that`s my normal lash (it`s not...). Since these lashes make a criss-cross, they are suitable as daytime lashes. The criss-cross creates a more natural and subtle curve.

The K.ma9 because I thought they were my go-to night lash (again, wrong style...). Even thought they look very unnatural in the box, they are actually pretty subtle when worn! They aren`t as spiky and fake looking when they`re blended in with your natural eyelashes, it just adds a lot more volume to your natural lashes, making them a great night time lash. I have sometimes worn my night time lashes during the day and never got called out on it, so they are still subtle enough for day time depending on the eyeshadow/make up you decide to use.

I never tried a K.ma4 style lash from Darkness before, so I grabbed it to try it. The criss-cross means that it has natural/subtle properties of a day time lash. I got these ones, because unlike the K.ma1`s, they start short and grow long then end. The K.ma1`s are short on each end and long in the middle. The K.ma4 follows my natural lash style. My natural lashes are shortest on the inside corner (near the nose) and longest on the outside corner (near ears) so I wanted to try these to see how they look.

I also picked up a Darkness eye glue. This is actually a double eyelid glue (people in Asian use this skin glue to create a fake double eyelid), but it can also be used as a eyelash glue. I love this glue! It holds really well, and I love the applicator. Since it`s made to create a double eyelid, the applicator is very fine brush so when I`m out and my eyelash starts peeling off, it`s really easy to just dab a bit in the corner of the lash and stick it back in place! It`s white in the bottle (and when applied), but dries clear. Sometimes I forget (or get lazy) to reapply eyeliner after putting on the lash (I put eyeliner on before the lash, then after to blend the band) but even when I don`t reapply eyeliner it still looks fine. No weird spaces or white spots in my liner! :D

Have you ever tried Darkness eyelashes? If so, which styles?

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