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4 years ago

The other parfum I picked up from the Victoria`s Secret Semi-Annual Sale were Body by Victoria Eau de Parfum. I was so shocked to see this on sale even though I wasn`t familiar with the line. LOL I was just shocked because this one would`ve costed me $65! Heck with that kind of amount of money I would`ve gotten me something from the department store. HAHA! There were another size to this parfum, but I decided to get the bigger one since it was a few dollars more. I was kind of iffy about getting the bigger bottle since the packaging were opened! I asked the employee if there was another one right? She told me there`s only this one and the one I had. Both were opened, so I went ahead and compare the two since I wanted to make sure I wasn`t getting jipped off. As I went to get checked out I told the cashier this one is opened. She told me to hold on so she can check for a barcode for the parfum. Well, well, well, she found one that wasn`t even open! The other employee
lied to me. HAHA I asked the cashier can I have that one instead and she told me it was fine. Now tell me as I was walking out the store the alarm came on making it like I stole something. Ugh, I hate when that happens so I walked back into the store. I went to the register and told her the alarm had set off when I was leaving. She checked and realized she didn`t take the alarm off. SMH! I didn`t like the fact that it had beeped on me because I didn`t want them to think I stole something you know? Overall, I got the unopen box instead. I really like this scent because it smells so refreshing! Floral & refreshing is what I usually go for. I read that for longer-lasting fragrance, layer with Body by Victoria Fragrance Lotion which I don`t really have. I don`t really care much for their lotion since I`m stocked with The Body Shop Butter Body! The packaging was pretty nice as well. I love how the bottle looks like and how the Silver box looks like. :D The parfum has this ultra-feminine scent is a lush blend of water blossoms, orange flower and earthy musk. Make it the first thing you put on in the morning and the only layer you leave on at night.
Victoria`s Secret London London Eau de Parfum:
Orignal: $65
Total for two parfum: $32.63 including tax
75% off: $16.25 for 100 ml/3.4 fl oz
Fragrance type: Fresh
Top notes: Mandarin, peach, raspberry leaves, water blossoms
Middle notes: Orange flower, ginger lily, magnolia, lily of the valley
Dry-down notes: Musk, precious woods, sheer amber, orris
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