HAUL!!! : Black Skinnies for My Sister

So at Macy`s, my mom was searching for jeans for my sister. I found a pair while browsing through the racks. 0s, black skinnies by Celebrity Denim ( their pants are pretty awesome, and really cheap)
They were reg. price, 30.00. wait no, I think they were 29.50 but my mom had a 10 dollar off 30.00 purchase coupons so it worked, because of the 50 cent diff. my mom picked up a Godiva bar to make it up. I think my mom knew I was kinda bummed because of the jeans, and the fact that my sis. bought a chocolate bar that we couldn`t agree on, then didn`t even offer me any. lol. i didn`t wnt any. So at CVS, when she went to pick up prescriptions, she bought me a bar of Dove Chocolate swirled.
What`s really ironic was that it tasted like caramel, which is what I orig. wanted. I also find it funny that although my sis. had a whole bar to herself, she still got almost 1/2 of the other bar and the rest split between us. Weird right? watevs, it was enough for me. TY =)
So comment below, etc. What do you think aboutt these pants? They look really good on her lol. I find it funny that they went there for a bunch of colorful pants ( my sis is into that) But nothing was in her size except for one pair of black pants which she has like 4 of)

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