HAUL: BCBGeneration Affirmation Bracelets!

Yesterday I went to the Mall right after work...Okay wait... first let me say I work at a mall and right before going into work I went to Macy`s to check out the jewelery section because I was looking for the BCBGeneration Affirmation bracelets. The woman at the counter said that they did not carry the BCBGeneration line at that Macy`s store. I was shocked! Seriously! Anyways, after work I went to a different mall that was on my way home. I ran....well not ran, but I power walked into Macy`s looking for them. I was very determined to find these bracelets! SPOTTED! There they were...They were actually not as big as I thought they were going to be from pictures I had seen online. They did not have a large selection of words. They mostly had "Single", "Taken", "True Love", and "Tough Love". I also did not really like the color combo selection there was and a lot of the colors were repeated. The only one I liked that was on display was the Turquoise rubber one that said "True Love" in silver letters. I am a Turquoise lover so that one was a Yes! They sweet older lady at the counter asked me if I needed help and I asked her if she had anymore. She quickly searched in the cabinets and she found a few different ones that were not on display. She pulled them all out (maybe 5 of them). There was "Kickin it" "Fearless" "True Love" and more "Taken" ones. I really loved the coral leather band with the Rose gold letters that said "True Love" and the "Fearless" one because of the color combo. I was all alone and feeling vulnerable :( I could not decide by myself so I got all 3! LOL! It was really impulsive of me and I really did not want to spend too much on bracelets....heyy maybe I`m cheap, but it did add up.

These bracelets were $18 each. Some are $25 though. I didn`t mention it before, but if you did not know they come in all kinds of words like:
Sweetheart, DUH, Dude, Rude!, BOSS, Major, Love Life, Lovebug, Dream, Fancy....the list goes on and on. They also come in cool color combination`s. I was also told that apparently there are different ones each year so they are not new.

I think I am going to return the Fearless one and try to find Sweetheart, Lovebug, or Love Life. The Fearless bracelet was the one I was most impulsive about because I think I was just in love with the colors of the bracelet. I am crossing my fingers that I find the "Sweetheart" one with the silver leather band and rose gold letters. http://thestylecure.com/BCBGeneration-Affirmation-Update-Sweet-Heart-Bracelet-309282656.html

Which one of the 3 do you like the most because I might end up exchanging one of the true love ones for a different one as well?

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