Haul amp Review: AG Hair Food Leave in Conditioner

4 years ago

A couple of months ago I bought one of those Groupon coupons for a haircut and colour. It seemed like such a great deal but I was really disappointed with the hairstylist and salon I went to. It ended up being this one-woman salon at the back of a hair extensions store deep in downtown (not how they advertised it, but how do you point that out I guess). She didn`t do a good job on my hair (neither with the colour or the cut), but she did manage to sell me an amazing product, this leave in conditioner.

I`d never head of this brand (but since I`ve heard AllthatGlitters21 mention it in her most recent "Whats in my Shower video"). It is actually an AMAZING leave in conditioner! It is a massive bottle, and was definitely a salon-priced item (I think it was $38 plus tax). I was afraid that I would regret purchasing this item but it is seriously amazing. I use one pump, which is not that much, and I`m pretty sure there`s a thousand of those one-pumps in this giant bottle, lol. I use it once or twice a week (as recommended, although she said even once a week would be fine). It has been amazing for the condition of my hair!

I always do my hair if I`m going to be leaving the house, straighten or curl depending on my mood and how much time I have. I never leave the house after washing and combing my curls out (that usually is a disaster!). BUT, with this leave in conditioner my hair ends up looking like someones hair who has straight hair but hasn`t styled it, which is a dream for someone who has curly hair. No frizz with this product, such soft smooth hair, no greasiness. I seriously love it and recommend it to all of you!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments below what YOUR favourite leave in conditioner is. Happy Luuuxing!

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