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4 years ago

So I got this Acne Repair Kit from Mario Badescu a while back but never really got a chance to write a review or initial review on it. I`m going to be doing a quick initial review today because I don`t think I`ve used this product consistently to give you guys my full opinion about these products.

The kit came with obviously, 3 items. They include the famous drying lotion, the buffering lotion and the drying cream. Be warned, this product does contain sulfur, so if you have a bad reaction to sulfur, definitely do a test spot behind your ear or something. None of these products smell good, in fact, the drying lotion and the buffering lotion smells straight up like rubbing alcohol. I dont even know how to begin describing the smell of the drying cream.

From my couple times of usage, the drying lotion does nothing for me. The drying cream and the buffering lotion help. I usually apply the buffering lotion when I first notice a pimple then the next night, because you can`t use the buffering lotion twice in a row, I use the drying cream. That combination usually helps. The two also help in clearing up the pimple that I pop I`m guessing because of the isopropyl alcohol.

Have any of you guys tried any of these products? If you have, how do you like it?

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