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4 years ago

About a month ago, https://www.sneakpeeq.com/r/NjMwNDQw had Real Techniques brushes on their site. If you are not familiar with https://www.sneakpeeq.com/r/NjMwNDQw it`s a Facebook app where you peeq at products to get a lower price than the original retail price. The more you peeq, the more discounts and special offers you will get. They have different kinds of products and change/add items on a daily basis. When I found out that https://www.sneakpeeq.com/r/NjMwNDQw had Real Techniques brushes, I raced to my computer. I`ve never purchased from https://www.sneakpeeq.com/r/NjMwNDQw before because I didn`t see anything I liked. But if you are new and sign up you get a $10 credit. So I signed up and started peeqing. I immediately got free shipping with any Real Techniques purchase because I had peeqed their products. What I bought: -
Go Pro Brush Set This set is not really a Real Techniques brush set, but a set of brushes by Real Techniques that https://www.sneakpeeq.com/r/NjMwNDQw put together. It includes the Blush brush ($8.99 value), Expert Face brush ($8.99 value) and Setting brush ($7.99 value). This set also came with a free brush holder that is shown in my last picture. The set on https://www.sneakpeeq.com/r/NjMwNDQw was on sale for $19.00, but since I had a $10 credit for signing up and had free shipping I only had to pay
$9.00!! That is $3.00 for each brush. If you bought these three brushes at Ulta, it would be a total of $25.97. Since it was such a good deal that I could not pass up, I made my sister sign up for https://www.sneakpeeq.com/r/NjMwNDQw to get another $10 credit. LOL And again while I peeqed, I got free shipping on any Real Techniques purchase. So I decided to get.... -
Core Collection This is shown in my fourth picture. You can buy this set at Ulta for $17.99. It comes with 4 brushes and a brush roll/stand. This set did not come with a free brush holder like the first set. This was on sale for $16.00 on https://www.sneakpeeq.com/r/NjMwNDQw but with my $10 credit and free shipping, I only had to pay
I paid a total of $15.00 for all the brushes. If I were to buy them all at Ulta it would cost $43.96 plus tax. I saved 66% plus more because I didn`t pay for any tax or shipping! The only downside about purchasing from https://www.sneakpeeq.com/r/NjMwNDQw is that it takes FOREVER for them to ship out your order. I was almost scared that I was never going to get my items but after reading reviews, it seems that everyone`s orders come really late. On their website it states that they will ship 7-14 days after the sale of that brand ends. I ordered my items on June 20 and did not get them until today, July 16! I was just about to e-mail customer service until I got an e-mail a few days ago to track my order. But overall, I am very pleased with my items. I have the Real Techniques Stippling brush and love it so I can`t wait to try these brushes! The Real Techniques sale is over but sign up for https://www.sneakpeeq.com/r/NjMwNDQw now to get a $10 credit that you could use on other items, or maybe they will put back Real Techniques in the future! **all photos are mine**

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