Well, you`ll still feel that I shop all the time because, and yes, I am back with a haul of last week ... It`s not my fault! we say that the stores always have good deals. I, too, always feel like I need a particular item ...

1) Pharmaprix
The first place I was pharmaceuticals. I get the conditioner and I noticed that the majority of mascara was off. I informed you of this on twitter (@ cathou1016). I took the opportunity to buy some mascara. For some years, I bought mascaras that`` high end``, but I rediscovered mascaras drugstore and I fell in love with them. Also, I needed a new liquid eyeliner.

My eyelineur liquid I bought all the time is the intense lineur of L`Oreal. It was originally $ 5.99 and $ 8.99. Subsequently, I bought Volume Million lashes L`Oreal, which was the same price. Subsequently, I had no choice but to take the Voluminus Carbon Black L`Oreal because of all the people who think it`s the best on Youtube. (Same price for it). I took the Falsies Volume Express for the same reason as before. Finally, I bought the Colossal, because I had enjoyed a few years ago.

Obviously, I use a mascara at once and I threw it around to three months.

2) Ardene
Subsequently, I made a stop at Ardene, because I needed elastic. Also, I wanted to buy my hair curls like in the video FashionBeauty: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IilWOneTVSI. However, he did not have a great selection here and the ones I bought. The promotion was 5 items for $ 10.00

monochrome elastic (elastic and multicolored)

loop leopard and snake

loop flowered
3) Ebay
 I made a purchase on ebay. This is a pocket that can serve clutche````. It is in the color blue. This item comes in handy when I go out, because you can put your cell phone, cards and money. It was costing $ 3.99 Also, when I looked on the seller, he was promoted to $ 1.99. Seller: newcitry2013


4) David`s Tea
Subsequently, I went to David`s Tea, for I am in great tea drinker and iced tea during the summer. In addition, this store can test and choose several types of tea. I`ll give you a collection of tea and an article about this company if you want. So I bought three tea because this is my favorite. One is Magical Nuts. This is my favorite tea iced tea especially. Moreover, it is pink! $ 13.00 for 100g. I also bought Goji Pop. It was at $ 13.50 for 100g. This my second favorite for iced tea. Both are herbal teas. Finally, there was a promotion, because if you bought a certain amount, you had 50g of tea of your choice free. So I took Bear trap which was recommended to me by the seller.

Finally, I am going to Aubainerie. It is not a store I shop very often. Indeed, I think this is the first time that I bought in this shop. My boyfriend came home because he wanted some items. Obviously, I could not show empty-handed. I really think I should go to the anonymous buyer.

I bought this little purple coat colors (contrary to what the picture shows, there is a purple, a purple not blue). It cost $ 10.00 originally $ 19.99 and discounts. I love this kind of shirt with the detail of the loop in front.

The second purchase I make is a pink pants! The color pants are in fashion this summer and I was looking for a pair not too expensive as it is just a passing fad. So I found this pair that looks more like the jeggings in texture. It cost $ 19.99

I also bought this shirt in pink color. It`s hard to see, but in the back, there is a detail of lace at the top. Furthermore, it extends this lace on the arms. The shirt is pretty transparent and requires a few things below. The sleeves are three quarter. Finally, it came with a brown braided belt and cost $ 19.99

So much for my purchases! I hope you enjoy!
What do you think of these?

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