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5 years ago

Hey Guys Its been a very long time since Ive posted anything on here. And the truth is, Ive been really lazy. Theres been so much going on with school, work, and my personal life that I just cant keep up. But, this week on vacation I plan to get back on track and do all the things that I need to do. Ive been lazy for way too long. Ill be doing things this entire week to keep me motivated. Follow me on Twitter and youll see! ;D. Anywhoo, all this stuff was purchased over the past two weeks and some were separate purchases. I didnt see a point as to why I should do separate posts when I can just do them in one giant haul!
Ill start with Sephora:
I purchased two Sephora brand Smoky Cream liners in the colors gold and a teal-like green color. They were both on clearance for $3 which is not bad for trying out something new. I have been looking for a gold shadow for a while now (Yes, I use this all over my lid as a cream shadow). I decided to try the gold one out because it was only three dollars. I wore it from 7am to 10pm and still no fading! It just wouldnt budge. I remember when putting it on it went on perfectly but I messed up a little and tried to wipe it off. No luck! I had to use my Neutrogena Oil Free eye makeup remover to get it off :[. So thats one bummer but it does truly last all day and thats why on my second visit to Sephora I purchased that teal-like green color. I hope that one looks as pretty on than it does in the package!
Hello Kitty Nail Art Stickers were $5 on sale I think (Not exactly sure) But I could not resist since they were so cute! This was an impulse buy because they were around the register and I just could not resist because they were so cute!.
Bare Minerals Powder in Warm Tan was $26 regular price. I have been using this powder since June last year and I cannot imagine using anything else because this stuff lasts for such a long time that you do not need to repurchase frequently, has amazing coverage and lasts all day. I bought my second powder from Bare Minerals (The same one) in November and I am still on that one. I am running low so I decided to pick up another one since I was out but Im still on the second container of that stuff and when Im done Ill use the one that I already purchased.
Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 was $50 at regular price. I actually went in just to purchase a Sephora brand shadow in a nude color but this has been on my wish list since November. Its not that I didnt have a chance to purchase it but I didnt want it because I wasnt sure if I would use it. I am very lazy with makeup and I do my makeup the same every day Foundation, Powder, Nivea Cherry Tinted Lip Balm, and line my upper lash line with Sephora Black Liquid Liner. Maybe Use the Sephora Glittering Sand Eye shadow but I was always paranoid about glitter fall outs. But after realizing that Eye shadow goes on before all makeup is put on I feel differently about using Eye shadow. And Ive learned that primer really makes a different. (Im learning at a slow pace! Haha) I am glad to have purchased this because I love neutral shades and its a great thing to start off with when first using eye shadow because it comes with a primer and an eye shadow brush!
And Finally! A Sephora Blending /Eyeliner brush for $7 I really wanted a blending brush so I can use it to create different looks with the Naked Palette so I got this and I hope it works well because I still have not opened it!
Now onto My Rite Aid purchases!
Essie Nail Polish in the color Mamba was actually a random new love of mine. I tried it on recently thinking it would not be anything close to my liking and then I fell in love with the color. I have been looking for Nude nail polishes to go with my skin tone and trust me its hard! I just recently found the perfect nude lipstick for my skin tone! I will do a post directed towards how I do my nails and nail care tips soon. Expect it up by Monday.
Revlon Foundation for Combination skin in Golden Caramel is something that I have been using since I have been using the Bare Minerals powder. I actually purchased both of these on the same day because I was looking for all new makeup. These two work well together and last all day. But I always use the Rimmel Stay Matte Mattifying powder in the color sandstorm on top of everything to keep everything together. All of these make my makeup last all day!
Loreal Youth Code SPF 30 Daily moisturizer and Serum Corrector are two products that recently hit the market. I have been trying to get reviews on them online but no information showed up. So I decided to give these a try. So far there are no changes in my skins condition or appearance. I put the serum on after I wash my face and the moisturizer on right after. Then I put on my makeup as usual and I have not seen any difference. I have been using this for two or three days now and I hope that this works because the box does say that it is targeted for dark spots and uneven skin tone. It is also noted that it can be used for acne scarring, sun damage and is recommended that you use both together. I hope that these work out and I will definitely do a review on these after a month or so
I am so sorry for the long post but I hope you guys enjoyed this haul
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