HAUL: $13.99 Hot Pink Shorts!

4 years ago

i got these from kohl`s a few days ago. i saw a bunch of girls crowded around a display and i noticed a bunch of colored shorts. i`ve been wanting them for a while now but never bought a pair. i figured they must`ve been a good deal, but i walked right by anyways since there was a crowd. i decided to swing back by later and saw that the shorts were $13.99 each! i think that`s a pretty good deal, better than forever 21 for certain.

these are from the brand so, a kohl`s brand. they`re hot pink, even though they look neon in the photo above because of a filter. they are definitely very bright though. i like how they are a decent length because i hate shorts that are too short! i haven`t worn them yet but i`m sure i will a lot this summer.

what do you think about colored shorts? hit or miss? do you own any pairs? i`m also thinking about colored denim though i think i may have missed the boat on that one... we`ll see if they`re still "in" in the fall and if i can find any pairs that fit well and are reasonably priced :)

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