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(The pictures are mine)
Hello everyone! :)
The first time I heard about Schlecker was here on Luuux! I got really curious to visit one of their stores, but there isn`t one on my city and there also isn`t one is Lisbon (at least not in places I could go to by public transportation)! But then I noticed there was a store in Quarteira - where I spent the last four days camping with my parents! Since the store is only five minutes away of the camping park by car, I asked my parents to take me there. I usually don`t enjoy going beauty products shopping with them because they`re not the most supportive of me buying this kind of products (apart from the basics) but I didn`t really have any other choice.
So, I`m going to show you all what I bought! :D
I don`t know the prices of all the products, because not all have the price on them and my dad has the receipt with him, but for all of the products I paid something between 19 and 20 euros.

In the first picture:
- Garnier Ultra Suave Shampoo with cocoa butter and coconut oil (around 3)
- Garnier Ultra Suave Conditioner with cocoa butter and coconut oil (around 3)
- Shower Gel (1.99)
I bought this 3 products by necessity - I brought with me shampoo, conditioner and shower gel for exactly 3 days and we ended up staying there for 4 days. The shampoo and the conditioner have a really amazing smell! *.* The shower gel is also nice.

In the second picture:
- Rilanja Face Cleansing Milk (for all skin types)
- After sun cream
- Garnier mango body lotion (3.75)
This may sound weird, but I don`t think I`ve ever used a cleansing milk before - I think I ever only used cleansing gels! This one definitely cleans my skin and doesn`t make it more oily (I have really oily skin) so it must really be for all skin types :P
I also didn`t have an after sun specific cream. I didn`t get any sunburns on the beach so I didn`t have the chance to try the product on a real sunburn (which is good lol) but I applied it on some parts that felt more hot after the beach (like my shoulders, where I forgot to apply sunscream -.-) and it felt good!
Regarding the body lotion, I`ve been wanting to try it for a long time and it was a 25% discount so I really had to buy it!

In the third picture:
Nivea Hand Cream (for dry hands)
Rilanja Lip Care Stick
Essence Marble Mania 04 Peaches
I loved the section of the store where they had the products in small sizes... however it was mostly empty (since the beach is like 2 minutes away by foot from the store, the tourists must have liked the small sized products and bought them all! :P) apart from deodarants, toothpaste and this hand cream, so I bought it, but I haven`t used it yet.
I bought the lip stick because my lips always get damaged with the wind and they were getting damaged with the beach wind. It helped!
The last product made me really happy!! :D I wanted this exact nail polish but I couldn`t find it on Well`s when they had the Marble Mania collection... but Schlecker still had the collection and the nail polish!! :DDD

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