Has anybody tried SANOTINT-PPD free natural hair dye?

4 years ago

So my mom has been scouring the internet finding products that have very unhealthy chemicals in them, and found some unsettling thing, like creams and lotions that have cancer causing parabens, and sunscreen with chemicals. The worst one is hair dye, that has ammonia and PPD`s, among other chemicals. So recently we were on a trip to Jamaica, and I decided to use Sun-In to lighten my hair. My hair is dark brown. At first, my hair turned a beautiful light brown color......and even when I stopped putting Sun-In in my hair, it eventually turned orange....and its been like that since spring break :/ lol so I`m basically a tan ginger XD

So of course I wanted to dye my hair back for the LONGEST time, and my mom was like noooo you`re going to get diseases from PPDs. So I have spend SUCH a long time trying to find a hair dye that is NOT henna based, and PPD free.

I finally found SANOTINT (yay!) and it is from Europe ( which has banned PPDs) so we ordered it and I`m going to use it tonight. (I`ll post the results later) But first, has anybody tried this dye? If so, can you please tell me how it worked in the comment section below?

Source link: http://www.vivasanusa.com/cart/SanoTint-Light

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