Harry Styles - Hit Or Miss?

4 years ago

Hey everyone! And a special hello to all the Directioners out there :)

Today`s hit or miss revolves around the 1D sweetie, Harry Styles. If you`ve followed this band since the x-factor, or at least since their first few months of their career kick off, you probably know desperate Harry Styles was for a stylist. This is mainly because he was a regular teenage boy who could probably care less about what he wore, or how his hair was done. However within the years, we`ve seen a huge improvement. I`d actually like to take a moment to thank his stylist, because Harry`s current fashion sense has set my standards quite high. Harry has beautifully transitioned from striped Jack Wills hoodies to classy gentleman-like blazers.

The picture I`ve posted is pretty much a representation of Harold`s overall look. He`s all about the blazers, skinny jeans, tank tops, plain tshirts, and button up shirts. It`s all about the class. This photo was taken at GQ Style and Carolina Herrera party, at a hotel in Covent Garden. I think this is a very simple outfit, but it`s so different at the same time. When you think of a hoodie and tank top, it`s no big deal, but how many guys have you seen sporting that, especially at a hotel party? Harry`s careless approach to his look makes him far more attractive than say, the guy behind him? (Sorry, that was actually very mean. This is my opinion only!). But seriously, I love the blazer, and the silk accenting. Especially the purple on the sleeves! His necklaces and jewellery are very fun and go well with his outfit if you ask me. This is a definite hit for me, and not just because he`s Harry Styles!

What do you guys think, hit or miss?

*Photo is credited

Source link: http://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/celebrity/pictures-today/2011/011/16/harry-styles-gq-style-carolina-herrera-party

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