Hardcore Pawn Buy Kim Baby`s Poop

3 years ago

Hey everyone! Oh my goodness, yes you just read the title right! If you watch Hardcore Pawn, then you would know who Leslie Gold is. He is considered an expert in selling weird stuff. During an interview, he said that if someone came to him selling Kim Kardashian`s baby poop then he would definitely buy it. North West, you better watch out! Now there might be some people who are going to try to steal your poop and sell it! I personally thing that`s pretty weird and disgusting but there are some freaking crazy Kardashian fans out there and they probably would be buying North West`s poop. Just thinking about it is disgusting. LOL Now the only question is how are they going to prove that its North West`s poop since some people might just try selling some random baby`s poop and claiming that its North Wests. Plus if you think that buying poop is weird, people have bought weird celebrity stuff before like Britney Spear`s pregnancy test, which sold for $5,001 and William Shatner`s kidney stone for $25K. Crazy, right? What do you guys think about this whole crazy situation?
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