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3 years ago

Hard Candy Mascara

Today, Im going to do a review of two of my Hard Candy Mascaras.

I have the Lashaholic Super Volume Mascara and the Lash Ink 4-day lash stain mascara.
I tried both of these products on a whim since my sister and one of her friends rave about the Hard Candy mascara all the time, so I decided to try them out.

I must say, however, I have not been nearly as impressed at they have.

The Lashaholic mascara is supposed to create volume, and while it does a little bit, I feel as though the product clumps up fairly quickly. Its not really buildable, and didn`t really create the look I wanted. The formula is really thick, but still really wet. I found that it clumped up on the brush before even applying to the lashes. I would try to clean the brush with a tissue to help fix that problem, but that would remove all the product off the brush. After sticking it back in the tube, I would end up with the exact same situation. The brush itself, its too bad its a curved wand with plastic bristles, but the formula doesn`t work well with it.

To be honest, the only reason I kept this mascara around this long is for this review Im probably going to toss it since it is doing nothing but taking up valuable space in my make-up collection LOL
The Lash Ink mascara is meant to be a long wearing mascara, promising 4-day wear with no smudging even if you go swimming! The formula on this mascara is also very wet, but unlike the Lashaholic, its not thick at all. On this opposite end of the spectrum, this mascara has little pay-off on the lashes. Its too thin to create a dramatic look, and is not buildable. I guess this is what they meant by lash stain it does little except darken the lashes. As for long-wearing and smudge proof, that is definitely true. I had no issues with it flaking or smudging.

I decided to wear it for 2 days to test it out, and it doesnt dry out and leave lashes stiff. I was a little worried that there was no product on the second day when I woke up, but there was no smudging anywhere. When I used make-up remover, however, the product was on the cotton ball. So while it lasted, it did little to enhance my lashes I could barely tell I was wearing it myself!

However, I did discover another use for this mascara. The brush for this mascara is a little smaller and thinner than the Lashaholic. In fact, its a lot smaller than most mascara brushes. It has typical bristles like in a traditional brush, but they are much shorter and spread in a spiral pattern basically this brush and formula combo is perfect for lower lashes! The formula darkens the lower lashes without creating too much length or volume and the thinner brush and shorter bristles are helpful for application. They also dont smudge at all, even if you rub your eyes, which is great. So I`ve kept this mascara around solely for my lower lashes and its done a fantastic job. If you asked me initially, I wouldn`t have thought to repurchase this mascara, but now, even though its not marketed as that, I would consider re-purchasing this strictly as a lower lash mascara.

I hope these reviews were helpful.

Have you ever tried Hard Candy mascaras before? How has your experience with them been?

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