Hard Candy Fox in a Box in Skinny Dipping Review

We all know that Im a total sucker for the Benefit Boxed Powders, so I was pretty intrigued when I saw these lookalikes found in Wal-Mart from Hard Candy! At only $6 each, the price difference is huge (you could buy all of them for just over the price of one Benefit one). The biggest question is are they as good?

These powders come in a similar box with a flip-top lid. These ones are definitely a little more flimsy than the Benefit counterparts the lid isnt really secured on and the closure isnt too reliable (it can flip open pretty easily). Instead of a mirror on the inside lid, a small (pretty much useless) brush is attached by an elastic. Im not a fan of the brush at all.. its quite scratchy and too small to really blend out nicely but since its hooked in by an elastic, Ill leave it there for emergencies.

This Hard Candy Fox in a Box ($6 USD) in shade Skinny Dipping is really a blush duo, with a rosy mauve shade on one side and a corally-orange on the other. You can use them individually if you want to be pickybut I prefer to just blend them together, for two reasons really; first, one shade is very pigmented (the mauve one) and the other, not so much (the coral). I was surprised, because with such a vibrant coral powder in the box you would think it would be really pigmented but I didnt find that. So when they are blended together, the mauve compensates for the coral, making it a decently-pigmented blush. The second reason? Its just easier to swirl the brush in both instead of trying to get one shade or the other.

The formula is quite nice and silky actually and looks really beautiful on the skin! It turns out to be quite a natural blush shade when they are blended together. The blush lasts about 5-6 hours on my skin noticeably, but then fades away. Id definitely give a touch-up if Im having a long day. Hard Candy has several other shades in the line, all of which either are duos or quads.

So the main question are they dupable? Well, besides the packaging, Id say so! The colors arent really matches for any of the Benefit shades, so I find no harm in actually having both, plus you really have to see what it looks like all blended together (because thats the most practical way to use it). Despite the fact the Hard Candy box is slightly larger, it actually has less product by weight. Also, this powder isnt fragranced like the Benefit ones are.

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