Hard Candy Beetle

So after falling in love with Hard Candy`s Frenzy, that gorgeous teal I shared last week, I totally ran to Walmart to pick up more of their polishes. I have horrible timing when shopping for cosmetics, the shelves are always near empty, so I only got to buy two shades. Here is Hardy Candy`s Beetle, the number one shade that everyone recommended I try after I raved about Frenzy. It is a bit thinner than I expected, in some of the photos attached you can see my nail line on my ring finger - I did two generous coats, so three might be the opaque trick.

Beetle is a quin-chrome - lol, is that even right? - it reminds me of oil to be honest. In different angles I see antique gold, black licorice green, burgundy, royal purple and even some camel when in the shade. It`s a mystifying shade that has also stolen my heart. I plan on doing another mani with this soon using ELF Black as a base, then 1 or 2 coats of Hard Candy Beetle and then layering ELF Fairy Dust on top because my girl Holly Ann (http://www.hollyyannnbeautyspot.blogspot.com) said it looks amazing with a flaky on top :)

I`ve heard Beetle is comparable to Orly Space Cadet and MAC Mean & Green, neither of which I own, but Googling images online convinced me they all look similar enough. Hardy Candy polishes run about $4 at my local Walmart, the quality is pretty nice and I think they are definitely worth picking up! Oh! One more point I wanted to share, the manicure was without a base or top coat and lasted me about 4 days before I started to see some tip wear, but the mani never actually chipped.

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