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4 years ago

Once again I was trekking around town, I popped into WHSmiths and found another Bargain :) for £0.50, Karl Pilkington one of my favourite comdeians, if that`s what you call him. You either Love him or hate him, I first found Karl off the Ricky Gervais Show, where many people think that Karl is a character, but hes not, he really is a buffoon.There are some comedians who are just not funny off stage. They hate people spotting them when out and about because they know they`ll never live up to expectations. They can `do` funny but they AREN`T funny - not in real life. Then there are those who can make anything funny, even the lamest joke, Karl Pilkington is simply funny...and he`s not even a comedian.

Ricky Gervais, a very shrewd man, spotted this from the off. He`s probably even a little envious: while Ricky meticulously plans every aspect of his comedy, Karl just opens his mouth and funny things come out!

No, this book isn`t `well-written` - the grammar is all over the place and it`s full of throwaway slang...but that`s not a criticism, its a strength. The trick is to make it seem authentic yet understandable. However this evolved from Karl`s brain to his mouth to the page has been just right: as several of the other reviewers point out, it feels just like he`s talking.

So it`s `what I did on my holidays` by a rather odd, yet very likeable and very funny man - and, you have to acknowledge, pretty gifted illustrator. It`ll have you in stitches.
I Love Karl Pilkington, do you ?

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